Thursday, 2 January 2014

Braids Out: Ready to Detangle!!

I took out my box braids yesterday after 4 weeks instead of the intended 6 weeks I had wanted to keep it in. The knots between the new growth and the relaxed ends were getting pretty tight so I got scared. I have too much new growth underneath and I don't want to lose too much hair this time. Time flies...I am *6 weeks 4 days post already............*wide grin*

detangling after braid removal

braid removalThough I washed my braids twice a week, sprayed it with my moisturising mix everyday and did the green house effect overnight at least 2 times a week to keep my new growth happy, I just felt that it was time to take my braids out. 

Secondly, I decided to do the Inversion Method again this month considering that it really worked last month. I have decided to do it every month for the next 12 months. I pray and imagine if it worked all year through, I could grow between 8-12 inches of hair depending on how much really grows each month. That won't be bad considering that my battle against breakage and shedding rages on.

It's been 6 months since I had my son and I'm still experiencing shedding, at least the last time I The Black Tea rinses were definitely helping and I will continue now that my hair is free. I don't do tea rinses when I have braids because I won't be able to feel my hair's reaction correctly. My hair tends to stiffen with the tea rinse and I deep condition with a moisturising deep conditioner afterwards but I like to feel my hair to be sure it is okay. Fingers crossed, post-partum hair loss does stop after some time so I just hope this phase goes away real fast. I am still taking my prenatals religiously...almost. I sometimes forget...aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgh!! 

I am still on holiday till Tuesday and not really in a rush to finish up. I have sectioned my hair into 3 parts and will detangle 1 section a day....more if I don't get tired. I had a updated detangling video on my Youtube channel that I can't find in my uploads...but this video below was the first one I uploaded. I will use the same method to detangle. Please subscribe as I have more videos with better lighting coming up this year!! 

Honestly, though I don't loose to much hair when detangling, I loose a lot of hair when I don't get my braids done by my usual haidresser. So after getting braids and weaves with 3 different hairdressers other than her and loosing so much hair, I believe it must be the way the others handled my hair during the braiding process. I do tell them to make partings, comb and braid gently but I think my hair just doesn't want to get braided by anyone else. My hair doesn't get too choosy with products but it definitely doesn't like too many people working it. I have decided firmly this time; to get braids or weaves only if my braider is available to do them. This time, my mind is really made up.

Do you get braids or weaves with different hairdressers and experience less breakage?


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