Sunday, 5 January 2014

My War Against Tangles Begins

The smiles from texlaxing on my last relaxer day and looking forward to more volume on my face is fading as I found that I won't have it all rosy especially on wash days now. Now I have 3 textures to deal new growth, my texlaxed bit and my relaxed ends. I found that my puff got bigger with this wash and my hair  simply refused to lay down. Not just puff from my new growth but from my texlaxed roots as well. I had to keep it in my scarf to get it to lay a bit while it was 50% dry.

Unfortunately, my hair is getting all tangled up somehow even after I detangled twice. It all clamps together into knots and as I detangle, my hair breaks a little. I prepooed with hemp oil for almost a day before I washed so I was a little surprised at the way my hair was acting all naughty. I hadn't done a tea rinse in a whole month so I guess it could be one of the reasons. I did a tea rinse with this wash and will continue to do weekly tea rinses. We'll see.

I used ORS Incredibly Rich Moisturizing Lotion but it did little for me. It didn't give my hair enough slip. I found that the price of Hawaiian Silky had been increased in the shop I usually stocked from so I couldn't buy the last time I went to town...I was on a really tight budget that day and thought I could use ORS moisturiser in the meantime because I had no intention to take down my braids until mid-January...bad decision I see now. I also find that Kuza cholesterol is more protein than moisturising though the ingredients list has more moisturising ingredients.  I will use it for protein treatments henceforth to finish the jar which is half gone. I will still use it because it does give enough slip when used during my wash. 
(My review of ORS Moisturiser and Kuza Cholesterol coming soon).

Shrinkage...I've learnt to embrace it.

Even a relaxed head like mine does experience shrinkage when I aridry but considering that I will not wear my hair down at all this year; so help me God, I really don't mind. 

Airdrying is becoming my favourite thing in the world.

My main task is to find quick and easy updos for my busy lifestyle because I am clueless at the moment. I always held my hair in a comb-like hair band and let my ends hang, except for the few days I did a sock bun...a total NO-NO for me this year. I will do my best to hide my ends for the most part of the year (Yaaaaaaaaaay, finally bought me some bobby pins) and I have no intention of getting braids, weaves or cornrows for now. For days on which I am unable to think up a good style or complete my wash routine, I will wear my wig. I need to buy more wigs and hair accessories if I really want to achieve these goals.

What is your favourite protective hairstyle with your own hair?


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  1. Hi Stella,

    One tip that really works for me is keeping my new growth stretched while air-drying. By this I mean I always dry my hair in 2 or 4 large double twist braids to prevent my hair from knotting while drying. When my hair is like 75% dry I take my hair out of my twist to let it completely dry and I never get tangles or dreading.

    Best of luck.


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