Friday, 24 January 2014

Pre Wash Day

I have not combed my hair in a whole week. I am pretty scared my hair may be matted underneath. I just sincerely hope it is not as bad as I presume. I did my last wash while my hair was still threaded and though the threads became loose, I still left it in and moisturised and sealed as it was.

deep conditioning

My hair needs to get a balance between protein and moisture; and having skipped a protein conditioner last week, I intend to do a medium protein deep condition. I will use Vitale Mayonnaise mixed with coconut and grapeseed oil overnight in my hair. I want to try deep conditioning overnight again and will obeserve more carefully how my hair responds.

This wash day will definitely be completed tomorrow as I will get home after 9pm today. 

Do you deep condition overnight?


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  1. :) i had my mini twists for couple of weeks i removed then on wednesday and rocked a mini twist out i plan on washing my hair and doing all those good stuff on sunday but i can tell my hair is really matted


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