Wednesday, 1 January 2014

One Thing That Won't Happen in 2014!!

2014 is really here!! Welcome to brand new all things and hair-wise too. Today, I stand at another start line ready to race my hair to full Bra Strap Length by December 31st. I need at least 6 more inches of hair to reach my goal considering that I will trim off at least 2 inches within the year. Overall, I need about 4 inches to reach my goal. It doesn't seem so hard as I picture it; at least not from the hair growth point. The main challenge is going to be length retention. The fight against breakage raves on!!

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehnnnnn.....I got big hair plans for this year. You have no idea!! Will tell you all about them in the series of posts coming up. But the biggest of my hair plans in 2014 is to stop buying everything with an "attractive" ingredient list!! Every product I read or hear about online. I was so into everything product-wise last year, buying every product I had seen raves about. Knowing how difficult it is to come by products here in our Ghanaian market, I always grabbed anything I had on my wishlist that I found somewhere somehow for fear that I may never see it again. I sometimes bought up to 4 bottles of a product I had not tried before. was that bad!!

product junkie

Between March and October last year, I had this much products. What I pictured here were not all as I had at least 9 other new products at my other house as well, delivered to my hubby but not yet collected. Twas too embarrassing to line all these products up again and take a pix. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeehn, meeeeeeeeeeehn, meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehn, I just failed at keeping my product junkie lifestyle tied down up till November when I decided enough was enough. It was no mean feat but I did well at not purchasing anything again.... at least not things I have replacement for.

Most of the products I bought have not yet been used up.  For those I have not yet tried, if upon use my hair doesn't like it, then I'll keep it and swap later at our meetups. 

So far I have made a list of the products that I like and will keep as staples if they continue working for me. My only headache is that my list is still so long. My hair seems to like a lot of the products with each product doing something unique. You know, those days when you feel like your hair likes one product better. Now that should have been a blessing but this is my curse. I am having a hard time selecting and cutting down on my "staples".

What's up with my hair? Been a while since I updated you. Well, I got comfy and didn't get to finishing my wash day posts....and now I guess I just have to let 2013 keep!! I started undoing my braids yesterday simply because I didn't want to begin 2014 with "old" hair....hehhehehehhehhehe...but I never got to finish it up as I had to go welcome the new year in church. I just braided up the parts I had undone and held the braids in a bun. It was late so I couldn't take any pixs that were clear enough to show but I'm sure you imagine....*winks*....not so nice but good to go hairstyle. Will give you an update tomorrow. I had a detailed detangling video on my Youtube channel that I can't find in my videos anymore smh so I will do a video on how I detangle when I undo my braids. Please subscribe to get the update. 

How many products do you have in your stash? 



  1. One of my goals this year is to cut down my stash and zero in on my staples, these things expire and I don't want my money going down the drain. I am ashamed to say how many products I have, a lot of which I have yet to even touch.

    1. Yeah, same here. So I'm no more trying new stuff till I'm done trying out all the new things I bought. Luckily, we have meetups where we swap products so at least I won't have to throw mine away.

  2. I'll never tell how many products I have in my stash. Its my dirty little secret. Ha-ha! (I can be dramatic eh?)

    KLP | SavingOurStrands


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