Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Away Goes A Great Year!! Xoxo 2013!!

Praise God for His mercies and kindness!! I am so thankful to God for bringing me this far. It is indeed the Lord's doing. I am REALLY writing.....and wonderful people are REALLY reading!! It gives me such great joy. I used to write a lot of poems and stories when I was much younger and by the time I was in university, I wrote very little so I had no idea God would give me back my gift of writing. Indeed, may His name be praised!! 

Hair-wise, it wasn't all rosy this year especially the past 6 months. Twas many ups and downs with my hair, many cuts and trims due to excessive breakage but overall, my hair grew!! My hair grew a lot!! I did purchase much more products this year....not so light on my small Ghanaian purse, but I had little purchase regrets too so I am happy about that too. I have loads of products still in my stash and I'm very product-ready for 2014. Whoooooooooooop whoooooooooooooooop!! ** Dancing Azonto**

As usual, the end of each year affords us the opportunity to look back at our past happenings, do our best to prevent the worst moments from recurring and cling to the best moments with the hope of making them better. I thank you all for your support and encouragement; especially my husband, parents and siblings, my wider family and all my friends and work colleagues. And You my fans and readers...You are the reason!!

My dear husband has suffered the most on my hair care journey....I always have something in my hair!! My love, I know we live apart and each time you come home, I should give you my utmost attention. I have failed several times by having too much going on with my hair even into the wee hours of the day **wink wink**. Away with my over protective hair wahala.....**silk scarf coming off woes**!! Thank you for accommodating my excesses!! I LOVE YOU, ALWAYS!!

Family, friends, colleagues, fans, video subscribers, blog followers.............I appreciate so much the interest you have taken in what I do. You have no idea how much it pleases me that you follow my journey. My greatest joy is in the fact that some of you had started your own hair journeys and have made so much progress!! I love all the pictures you have sent, the questions you have asked, the whatsapp messages (need 2 spare batteries and a solar charger for that...xoxo)....they are all treasured and have been safely place in my 2013 treasure chest!! The height of my joy is in the success of the meetup events held in collaboration with Ghanaianemprezz blog. To the awesome ladies who cleared their busy schedules to be there..."You are TRULY amazing"!! **BIG HUGS AND KISSES**

Everyone..............................THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! God richly bless you!!

In a few hours, there will  singing, drumming and dancing everywhere in Ghana and in the world, there will be loud music, shouts and screams, there will be fireworks and countdowns as we welcome 2014 with extreme joy and gladness for having seen the New Year. 

Let's all join in the joyful activities going on all us, be glad and make merry for we are among the blessed ones God has granted the opportunity to see 2014!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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