Saturday, 28 December 2013

How To Start Your Healthy Hair Journey.

It's been an awesome year; looking back, and I am really, really happy about where I am right now. I love my hair much much more than ever before. When I started my hair journey, I didn't really "believe" I could achieve so much within 1 year. Now see, in just 12 months!! Thank You God!!

Though I trimmed off some of my ends for a nice, U-shaped look, I should be back to this length by now as I have had some more growth since my last relaxer. Been almost 2 months since my last trim. 

Now, what stops you from beginning your own healthy hair journey? Honestly, mine was for fun; that was how I started. But now I see that really, I could get any length of hair I wish to have so I intend to take my journey more seriously. 

1st January, 2014 will mark a new beginning for me and my hair. It's going to be a Hair Growth Boot Camp for me. I know you want to join me so here are a few tips to help you start your hair journey.

1. Research: Believe me if I say I spent months researching about relaxed black hair growth. Just seeing tons and tons of black women with loooooooooooooong hair got me longing more and more for looooooooooong hair too!! I read thousands of blogs....watched thousands of thousands of articles!! About just anything; from how to comb hair to how to cut hair; how to wash hair to how to dry hair.....even how to tie and sleep with a satin scarf. Do a lot of will make your journey easier and you will be more prepared. There is so much information out there...the hard part is taking out what is useful to you and your hair needs.

2. Take Photos: The moment you decide to embark on your hair journey, take photos. Take photos of  the back, side and front your hair. Take photos of hair wet and dry. And take more pictures as you go along...every week. This will help you to see if you are making any progress as the months go by. Progress may seem slow at first but as you master how to care for your hair, it will show more quickly in health, thickness and length. And once you begin to see the changes for yourself, you will journey on more happily.

3. Set Goals: Like any other goals you set for yourself in life, you must set a hair goal. Long term goals and short term goals. I find that setting short term goals is important in order not to stress yourself too much. However, set an ultimate goal for your hair especially if your aim is to grow it not only healthier and thicker, but longer as well. Do well to keep in mind that hair grows at a rate...depending on each individual so first check how much your hair grows each month and then use that information to set your goals. Hair takes time to grow, so just be patient and work hard at retaining the health and length of your hair. 

4. Get Hair Products and Tools: Yes, you need to get your own poducts and tools that will suit the needs of your hair. Remember, hairdressers don't get products to suit every client's hair. They get products that will work in general for whatever purpose they have been made to serve. It may work perfectly for someone's hair but it may not work well for your hair. I've seen people with long hair irrespective of whether they use the worst concentrated sulfate, alcohol or petrolatum products. Lucky them!! But for some of us, those products kill our hair in record time. It is your hair. Make a little investment  in products and tools. Start with the less expensive but good stuff. Build a hair care routine and be consistent with the use of products for at least 3 months before writing them off.

5. Do It Yourself (D.I.Y): Sounds funny but this is one of the things I didn’t take into consideration at the start of my journey that I hold onto like the Gospel now. I achieved much more length-wise and health-wise at the times I did my hair myself than when I let others do it. My hair loves my hands. Your hair will love your hands. No one can love your hair like you do so just do it all yourself. Yes, some neighbours may say in the beginning that you are broke (yep, somehow you hear the gossip) but those same neighbours will ask you what your "secret"!! My biggest secret is: "I do my hair myself"!! 

Now, these are the things you need to consider before you start your journey. Now the real deal is what to do when you start. Brace yourself!! More tips and tricks coming up from 1st January, 2014. I am "starting all over again"...with you in mind this time. Armpit Length to Bra Strap Length is another marathon all over again for me and I am still learning the ropes.....This time, I will share all my discoveries with you.....dito dito.

I have a lot of tips written down and waiting to be tried. I am more determined than ever to try everything there is to try considering that the few things I tried got me this far. From washing hair with potato syrup to rubbing scalp with cactus juice....hehehhehehhehe!!

Photo credit: Hairlicious Inc.

I do not have very, very thick hair....still working on that. But I think I may get to the above length and thickness if I put in my best next year. Healthy Hair Journey 2014..........I just can't hide my excitement!!

Ready for Hair Journey Boot Camp 2014? Do not miss this bus!


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