Friday, 13 December 2013

I Miss My Hair Already!!

It's just been a little over 2 weeks since I installed my box braids and believe me, I'm mighty exhausted already. Seems like forever!! Protective styling can be so boring unless you can think of ways to switch up the style. Turn it up a lil bit so it looks more interesting everyday.

My braids look pretty frizzy now as I wash them at least 2 times a week. I see my own hairs sticking out left, right and centre. I do enjoy the softeness and curl in my new growth and just can't keep my hands out of my hair. I do the green house effect every night by just spraying my hair with my homemade moisturising spritz, cover with a plastic bag and scarf.

box braids for hair growth
You can't believe how soft that new growth really is!

box braids for hair growth

I always hold my braids with that same hair band in that same manner. How come I am so poor with styling!!

I love the uncomplicated hair life of wearing never really have to bother about styling.

Wash and go.....wash and go....wash and go!

Life has been so much easier but I just can't stop missing my hair.

What is the longest time you have kept braids or weaves in?



  1. Hold your braids in the same manner with the same band always?? how else can life be boring. Please jazz it up by styling it in different ways..check out on youtube,

  2. The exact same way with that same hair band!! Somebody hit me!!

  3. Lolzzzzz, I'm proud that I at least changed the colour of my hair bands when I had my protective style. My longest ever protective style lasted 2 months, before starting my hair journey I never kept anything in more than 2 weeks.

  4. Awww...maybe you can try some cute buns, half up styles, or headbands. I do see some interesting hair hair tutorials on youtube for braids. Try to enjoy your hair girl!

    Heres a good video,
    -Good luck!


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