Saturday, 17 May 2014

Hair Update: 4 Weeks Post

Surprised? Time really flies! 

I am 4 weeks post now and just trying hard to forget about my hair. I've had these loc extensions for 2 weeks but I am mighty bored already. I was hoping I could keep these in for at least 6 weeks but I'm not too sure now. 

I'm trying my best to keep my hair moisturised with the ghe method and I spray with my moisturising mix everyday. I have washed my extensions thrice so far and will wash again tomorrow. I had wanted to wash every 2 weeks but I find that my scalp begins to itch about 4 days after I have washed.

After a long break, I'm back on multivitamin tablets. I wanted to buy Pregnacare but my pharmacist recommended Prowoman instead as I weaned my son. I will take it religiously and see how it helps with my shedding. I'm not particularly fond of pills except when pregnant or breastfeeding but the last thing I want is to lose my hair to a point where I have to cut it all off. If these pills would help until my post-partum shedding stops, I would be too happy!



  1. Hi Stella! Since they are "loc extensions" try using setting lotion and pipe cleaners/chenille stems to get it to hold a curly look. Cold wave perm rods may also work to achieve a curly look. I would try it before getting them removed. It may make a great new article! Have fun! It may take a long drying time, but it may last you two more weeks. Please keep us posted!

  2. That new growth is lovely. How long are you holding out for before you undo the hair again? :'''-)


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