Monday, 2 June 2014

Loc Extensions Out.....New Products!

My hair has been hence no update for so long. I just got so bored with the loc extensions that I took them out yesterday. They had just turned 4 weeks. I was horrified in the beginning when I realised how I had to cut my hair within some of the locs because I was right about my hair being longer than some of the locs at the back. Yes, once I snipped off the burnt ends of some of the locs, I cut my ends in the process. 

By the time I was done undoing them all, I was over the initial shock and sadness. I left some of the locs in the back with the intention to show it to my hairdresser as I told her several times to make sure she braided to the end at the back as I could not see for myself. I did keep a close eye as she did the crown and front and always pointed out where I saw my hair sticking out. The front was intact...but the harm had already been done at the back. I decided not to bother anyway as my back grows faster than my front. 

One thing I noticed was how easily my hair detangled this time. I was very consistent with spraying with Hawaiian silky, oil and water mix everyday and night. My hair felt super moisturised and silky. Totally frizz-free. Most of the knots detangled easily i didnt have to use water, conditioner and oil. For the tough knots, I decided to try Hawaiian silky as a detangler and mercy me!! Why on earth hadn't I tried that before? It was completely amazing to see and feel how easily the knots came out. No stress, no long hours, no water dripping down my back.....less than an hour for detangling. Woooooooooooooow!! Hawaiian Silky for me is a winner!

I washed my hair with same products and technique as my last wash day except i didn't do a black tea rinse.....but I blowdried on warm setting because I did my wash late and I was too tired to airdry. I have no picture updates now as I broke my fon screen completely on Saturday, and I still haven't fixed my camera. Kindly bear with me in the meantime. 

I just started using the Groganics DHT Blocker system to help with my shedding. I am currently taking their 2 a day hair vitamins; but I take 1 a day. I also used the Liquid Scratch for my braids in the last week before I removed them. Will do a post soon about the products in the whole range I bought. I started inverting yesterday and will continue for 7 days...hopefully. I intend to get cornrows with my own hair at the weekend. 

What are your thoughts about the Groganics DHT Blocker System? 



  1. Welldone Star, but i have started that product yet read alot about it, i think it will be a good products

    1. Yes,....3 months after use, I give it 5 stars! It's a keeper!

  2. I took down my sengalese twist yesterday and used Hawaiian Silky as my detangler. It was amazing. I love reading your blog.

  3. I'm so glad it worked for you. Thanks for reading!


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