Wednesday, 11 June 2014

New Protective Style: Cornrows

protective style cornrowsprotective style cornrows

protective style cornrows

I got cornrows as planned last Saturday and hope to keep them in for at least 3 weeks. I want to use my heat pass at the end of July to flatiron and do a mid year length check as I have some texlaxed length. I hope to stretch till the end of July. I am currently 7 weeks post. Keeping my hair in braids has really helped me stretch this far. I deep conditioned with Vitale Mayonnaise mixed with Vatika Almond oil which I had purchased sometime back. I sat under the dryer for deeper absorption of the conditioner and I loved how my ends felt after rollersetting and hood drying. Totally frizz-free and amazing to see and touch! It took a lot of will to install the cornrows as planned.

I am still on a challenge to use up my stash before I buy new items....I definitely failed this month as I purchased some Groganics products. It had been on my wishlist for so long I just couldn't help it. I am joining a "Use up Your Stash" challenge hosted by fellow blogger Ghanaianemprezz to see if it helps keep me in check. I'm challenging myself to use up 3 products before I purchase 1 product....and even so, only if I really need. Ultimately, I hope to reduce my stash to 10 products, excluding oils by the end of the year as I have a ton of used and unused products. My sister will be back on holidays soon and I know my stash will get used up much quicker as it's her long vacation of 3 months. My littlest sister also just completed high school and intends to grow her natural hair. She has just abt 2 inches of hair now. Will send her some stuff too. I really dunno how I accumulated so many products within a year. I have really been careful not to purchase anything since last September...unless I really, really, really needed them. I will do a post on what I have now and update you on my "Use up Your Stash" progress every month.  

I will keep my cornrows the same way as I have always done. Wash and deep condition whenever I feel like and spray with my homemade mix or Groganics Liquid Scratch. I intend to use the Liquid scratch for ghe at least 3 times a week. I've been lazy with massaging my scalp with T444Z lately. I would have to get a new phone (I'm just so unlucky with fons; always cracking the screen up or or repair my camera real soon as blogging is boring without having the "show and tell" pictures. 

What is the longest period you have kept a protective style in? 



  1. I try not to keep cornrow braids in for longer than 3 weeks. I've learned the hard way that anything longer than that leads to me hurting my edges. That's a really great style.

  2. How do i steam my hair. I have never done it befor.

  3. 9 weeks and i am never keeping any protective style that long again! I lost half of my hair.


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