Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Hair Update: Cornrows Out, Preparing for Next Relaxer

It's been such a long time! Yes, my hair life has been so boring. I took my cornrows out last week and have been wigging since then. Nothing has changed in my regimen and I am just looking forward to relaxing on Saturday.

african threading
wig regimen for relaxed hair

Though I would be only 12 weeks post, I've decided to end my stretch because wash days are not easy at all. The texlaxed middle just clumps up though I wash in sections, and gets all tangled I literally have to pick at the hair strands one by one to detangle.

Combing is a no-no as my hair just begins to break off like crazy. I just thread my hair when I finish washing and detangling, wear a wig cap and my wig. I started inversion this week and will end this weekend. My shedding is literally non-existent now, it's at the barest minimum and I'm so happy Groganics is working real good for me. It's the breakage I can barely control. The less I touch my hair, the better till I retouch on Saturday.

groganics hair vitamins

I am loving how Groganics vitamins is growing my nails like crazy. I believe all the thick new growth is also courtesy of Groganics as I stopped using T444Z when I started taking the pills.  Just a month and my nails are so long and haven't broken off despite the chores I do. That is something!! I will still texlax though I'm hoping I get up to 90% straight this time. I will not mix the relaxer as always and just stick to the time. It is never enough to process my hair bone straight! My hair has a mind of it's own as to how it behaves on relaxer day. I have just decided to live with it. Smh.

Does your relaxer day always produce the results you want? 



  1. Star pls i learnt that when u remove a braid u must wash the hair and wait for 2weeks before u relax it?

    1. Yes, this is advised because washing helps to remove product buildup, eliminates the incidence of tangles and knotting on relaxer day and makes it easier to distinguish between the new growth and the relaxed ends. It also allows you to prepare your hair for relaxer day by strengthening with protein treatments.

  2. My relaxer doesn't always give the results that I want, especially when I do it myself. Lately, I have them done at a salon and talk to the stylist if he/she is reasonable.

    1. BTW, I nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award. Here are the details

  3. I hated my relaxer results the one time I used a no lye relaxer. It made my hair dry and bone straight which I hate :(

    Anyway, if you can please check out this article on stretching relaxers and why this hair guru never stretches past 12 wks. I think it will really help with your hair length goals. The link is below. It really changed my perspective on hair growth!

  4. Before it was a battle till i used hair repair conditioning relaxer. I self relaxed my hair. Overall time:16 mins. My hair was texlaxed but soft n manageble. I luv luv this relaxer, its sulfate free shampoo n conditioner.


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