Thursday, 11 June 2015

New Protective Style: Twists

Howdy everyone,

Last weekend was a busy one. I had to go away from home for a couple of days and I was not too worried about what to do with my hair as I could wear a scarf for the funeral service I had to attend. On the first night, I moisturised my hair as usual and was detangling in sections when my comb broke! Like that was my favourite comb y'all. I didn't find it funny at all and realised I just couldn't deal with the thickness much more. 

't444z hair foodafroriri hair butter

My hair has gotten so thick over the past 6 months....I am just in a happy place right now..though I admit I'm still learning to embrace the challenges thicker hair comes with. 

So I just asked a friend the next day if there was a really good braider around and I was happy he did get me a good one. I got my hair braided up within 2 hours with 2 packs of extensions. It was totally painless. I asked her not to attempt to comb too much as I had done so already. She just made the parts and braided them up. Usually, I do not allow braiders to comb my hair especially when they section into the little parts to be braided up when I am more than 4 weeks post. Once they comb through initially with the big combs and tie it up, it's just sectioning and braiding time. I always insist on this when I meet new hairdressers; though some find it weird, they still comply. 

youtube noir

My braids are waist length.  I hadn't done twists in like forever and just wanted to see if it would "suit me". This was smaller than the last box braids I had, but I wanted it this size because I do want to keep them in for at least 6 weeks. I want to beat my itch to relax and really hope this helps. I will care for my hair though it is in braids as always. I will have a video up on my Youtube Channel on my braid care regimen soon.

protective styes

And you know when you are feeling good about your braids, you just can't help taking a zillion photos! That's my favourite among the whole lot and hope I win your smile with mine!

Which do you prefer? Box braids or twists? 



  1. oh my gosh, your hair is so thick! Are you doing something different or just stretching? Your new growth is so thick... I love it.

  2. So much thickness too! Good job!

  3. Wow you broke a comb! Lol. I haven't reached that stage yet. I love your twists.

  4. what are your important tips for such gorgeous thick hair


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