Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Hair Goals for July

Ladies, I apologise for taking such a long break. The past month had been quite busy, full of babysitting my 2 kids though I still tried to have some hair-time anytime my mum came back from work. 

Reviewing the goals of last month, I could have done better. It was not easy as I stay awake all day and almost all night.
Product Needs: Was not able to purchase any products due to my inability to go to town ....I however purchased a hooded dryer I haven't picked up yet. I've run out of almost everything; my sister will come to my rescue soon. She is the best person to go shopping on my behalf as she knows most of the products I use.

Hair Care Needs: 
1. I will shampoo once a month: Reduced from 2 times using only the moisturising shampoo as I couldn't buy the clarifying shampoo.
2. I will alternate between protein and moisture treatments: Provided it is feasible.
3. I will not prepoo and cowash as many times as last month as I plan on getting a weave.
4. I will not tea or ACV rinse till I undo my weave (if I get it
5. I will green house effect every night using a moisturising mix and coconut oil.
6. I did well with drinking water but as the weather is colder now, I'm not sure if I can take 3 litres this month.
7. Not doing too well with fruits and vegetables.
8. Still taking my prenatals.


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