Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Pros of Full Head Weaves

The excitement I had when I got my weave was gradually dying out as I found myself getting frustrated each day by the difficulties faced while attempting to care for my own hair. I couldn't reach my entire scalp though I got circular cornrows. I knew it would be challenging but not this much.

I however do not regret my decision to have a full head weave as my new growth was getting more difficult to manage; giving me less styling options for outings and I had no desire to relax or flatiron it. I find that this full head weave gives me advantages such as:

Low Manipulation: There is simply close to no ability to care for or mess with your own hair. Length retention may be maximised with a full head weave. If your goal of wearing a full head weave is to achieve low manipulation of your own hair, then you have definitely made the right choice.

Saves Time: Styling one's real hair, whether natural or relaxed can be a challenge especially when battling hair breakage and shedding. It is even more challenging when transitioning as one has to detangle carefully as the hair is prone to breakage at the line of demarcation. It sometimes takes tons of trials to get a style right for the day which could result in breaking one's hair. With a weave, styling may be easier as one does not fear to manipulate the extension.

Aids in Relaxer Stretching and Transitioning: Being more than 20 weeks post, I certainly needed a break from wash days. Dealing with curly, kinky or coily hair can be really time consuming if the hair is long. Longer hair means more detangling time. During relaxer stretches, one has to be even more careful. Weaves can be a great option when transitioning or stretching as they can be worn for weeks at a time. Weaves also provide ease with switching styles as one can cut and colour them as they please.

Protection from Elements: Exposure of the ends of our hair to the sun, wind and clothes can cause serious breakage. Since the hair is tucked away under the weave, it is highly protected from the harsh effects of elements.

These advantages are too good to let go of so I have taken  to my spray bottle again. It contains a mix of water, Hawaiian silky 14-in-1, coconut oil, and castor oil. I spray it on the tracks where possible and massage it in as best as I can. I then spray with my African Pride braid spray. I still massage my edges, the little that was left out once a week with T444Z Hair Food and everyday with Diva by Cindy Hair dress. I don't have any scalp itch yet and I intend to dry wash my hair in a week's time.

I still sleep with a shower cap and scarf in order to keep new growth moist and prevent knots and tangles forming in the weave. I don't dampen the weave at all... my scalp produces enough steam even with a little water sprayed on a few tracks. I do not apply any product to the weave. It is not human hair and using product on it will weigh it down as dirt easily clings to it.

I intend to keep this weave in for 6 weeks. I just hope I get at least an inch of growth even without being able to apply my growth aid on my full head.

Which growth aids are you using? Does your growth aid fasten your hair growth rate?



  1. I was going to do the same thing. I couldn't get past week 4, however. Sadly. I hope i do better in future

    1. 4 weeks is not bad....well done. I'm sure your hair will be happy to be pampered and free for a while.


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