Saturday, 27 July 2013

Protective Style: Full Head Weave

deep conditioning treatment
Mixed Vitale Mayonnaise, an egg and coconut oil
At long last, I got a full head weave. Been almost 2 years since I wore a weave! Wasn't too keen on getting it because I knew access to my scalp and daily care may be a bit more challenging than with braids. I didn't want to miss out on massaging my scalp everyday.

I did a protein treatment a few days earlier, detangled and combed my hair thoroughly before I went to the salon.

When I got to the salon, I wasn't too keen on allowing the hairdresser to comb my hair but thought I should give her the benefit of the doubt. I asked her to be very gentle. 

She picked a comb.... not as big as the one I used at home.  Said that was the biggest she had when I asked......Seriously?!! Hmmmmm.....disappointing!!
deep condition results

She started combing; from the roots to the tips. Just 3 strokes and I asked to see the comb. Yikeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!! ...a lot of hair. MY hair. 

Before I could utter a word, she started being defensive saying, "See, all your relaxed hair will break off; if you refuse to relax new growth as soon as it appears"! I politely answered she should stock bigger combs; especially for those with lots of new growth, also comb in sections and from the tips to the roots. She didn't refute my suggestions but wasted no time in pointing out that she didn't have customers who "held on to a lot of new growth". I simply told her not to comb through the entire head but only comb through as she parted the hair for the cornrows. I was determined to get my hair done my way. Thankfully, she listened and from then on....I liked her. 

full head weave
New Golden "Classy Deep" Color 2
She combed through gently as she made the rows. I opted for the cornrows to be braided in a circular style so I could have easy access to my scalp. She then went on to attach the weave in a way that showed she knew what she was doing. With such conviction and precision. She was such a gentle braider and was done in a short while!! Actually, a very short while. I was finally ushered to the styling chair, as all the while, I had no opportunity to see what was going on. 

 She did her thing with a comb, a pair of scissors and a blade, and then she was all done. Start to finish in an hour!! I just love good braiders with speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!! And , wow; I loved what I saw!!

An ugly duckling turned into a swan!! If only all that hair were mine, I'd remain a swan forever!!

Ever been disappointed with a weave style?



  1. oh wow! i really really love this! you look amazing Star! Oh see a lil makeup never hurt nobody!

    1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for me!! Thanks!! Your blog is inspiring me loads!!

  2. So courageous of you to politely ask her to treat your hair as you like her to. Many times we just kinda sit in silence. *Thumbs Up*


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