Friday, 16 August 2013

Hair Musings!!

I will be 24 weeks (6 months) post relaxer next week and I'm feeling so good about my achievement right now I could reach the sky if I did a happy jump. I am particularly happy about the fact that I was able to do this stretch much more easily than the first stretch. I enjoyed my hair a bit more this time than the aggressive braid regimen I embarked on the last 6 month stretch. Now I am wondering if I should celebrate an anniversary by relaxing and checking how long a way I have come in a year. Yes...maybe I should. In fact, I'm convinced I should.

My hair was neck length a year ago and is now past shoulder length with a lot of new growth. I was seriously on a hair journey more than half this time. I took charge of my hair and decided it was time to grow it long. 

I really wanted to do a 36 week stretch but I am wondering what more I could want from myself if not to be happy with a 24 week stretch since I am not transitioning. I've bought my length check shirt now, I still have 137 days to my APL goal and I need to check-in, don't I?

length check t-shirt

My hair life has just been so boring in the past few weeks. No cowashing, no deep conditioning, no hot oil treatments, no moisturising and sealing....and so many other No..No..Nos! I feel so sorry for my hair. I really do. I'm wondering how it is really feeling right now. Probably very thirsty, dry and brittle. That can mean only one thing. Hair detangling session is probably not going to be as incident-free as always. All the other times I had braids, I did wash as often as I wanted. I have to undo this weave in time for a protein treatment a week before the relaxer, and think up how I will style my hair for a real special occasion in the first week of September. 

I have only 3 weeks! Dates must be attached pronto. And that includes a day for my product haul. I have to come up with a game plan..............................Musing!

 How often do you do your hair length checks?



  1. No length checks for me.....but hey I am curious to see how u have doubt u have done very well. 24 weeks...gurl well done. If u decide to relax I will do the happy dance with u cos am ready to be dazzled with great progress. Cheers.

  2. Congrats on your stretch! Every relaxer touch up to see my progress

  3. Congrats on your stretch! I am still deciding whether to end mine or keep going mmh

  4. Like Tomes--On relaxer day, I like to straighten, trim, then length check to chart my {imperfect} progress. Congrats on your ridiculously amazing stretch!

  5. congratulations!i'm 14 weeks post relaxer and soo excited!Haven't stretched this long braids at the moment and can't wait to see my new length when i touch up.All the best! ;)


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