Sunday, 11 August 2013

Wash Day: Synthetic Weave

how to wash my weaveI woke up thinking I should just wash my hair and weave; knowing full well it could be a hair day gone bad!!

I had my pair of scissors and razor blade standing by as I parted and detangled the weave and threaded it. Just in case I need to undo the weave altogether.

I did this to prevent tangling and knotting and hoped with all my being that it would work. I then oiled my hair in the tracks with coconut oil and donned my shower cap for 30 minutes.

weave wash results
Into the shower I went and did a shampoo wash with Palmolive Naturals Milk&Honey Shampoo (I actually love mimics Creme Of Nature Detangling Shampoo). 

I then applied conditioner (Reflexion Olive Oil Conditioner...not bad but nothing special) and left it in for a few minutes and rinsed it out. 

I diluted both products with water as I did not want any buildup. And boy, was I glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!

Wash complete, curls intact!! I'm happy I took the plunge!!

Comrades, when on a healthy hair journey, drink deep or taste not.

What have you been told never to do by your hairdresser only to find out it can be done?


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