Friday, 9 August 2013

Cons of Full Head Weaves

Though a full head weave has advantages, it has many disadvantages as well. These have to be carefully looked at and solutions sought to remedy them before one installs a full head weave. Weaves are a great protective style but if care is not taken, it can result in massive hair breakage and hair loss. To be forewarned is to be forearmed so before you install your next full head weave, these are a few things you should take note of:

Painful to Install:  Well, this is relative but most braiders do not have "soft" hands. If you do not tell the braider to loosen their grip, you will end up having to deal with throbbing headaches for sometimes up to a week especially if you have a sensitive scalp. Not to talk about the sleepless nights you may have to endure for the first few nights. I have never unistalled braids due to pain; (I'm hard on myself after sitting for 2 hours or more to get them done) but I have a few friends who just couldn't stand the pain and ended up undoing their braids and weaves the same day. Always politely ask a braider to loosen their grip else you may end up with bald patches and thin edges.

Circular weave tracks.

Neglect of Proper Hair Care: This is the biggest disadvantage of full head weaves. This style offers little room for manipulation hence the tendency to totally leave one's real hair alone is very great. Many leave the weave in for more than 6 weeks and therefore that amounts to 6 weeks of no shampooing, conditioning, treatments, moisturising & sealing, or deep conditioning. Imagine 6 weeks without caring for your hair. That is a whole lot and can cause a huge setback. If the tracks are braided in a circular way or horizontally, it leaves room for some manipulation of one's own hair, but it can be very challenging getting to the hair and scalp if the tracks are braided vertically. This may result in extremely dry and brittle hair which may break off if hair is not detangled properly after weave removal.
Can Lead to Breakage: If the tracks onto which the weave is sewn is braided vertically, it creates a "mat" style which makes it very difficult for one to apply product to the scalp or hair. Forcing the fingers through may create tension and traction leading to breakage. If one does not comb the weave gently, the pulling and tugging on the tracks can cause breakage as well. After undoing the weave and cornrows, one must detangle very carefully especially if it is left in for more than 6 weeks, else massive breakage and hair loss can result.

High Cost: Being on a weave regimen may be costly especially if one installs high quality weaves and does it often. Not to talk about the cost of "real human hair" which has become so abundant that there should be more bald headed women on the face of this earth than ever!! Maybe walking around with wigs! Maintenance cost may also have to be factored in if one wants the weave to look flawless all the time. And, depending on one's location, the installation service alone can be a whooping sum.....usually above $50. Here in Ghana, getting a weave installed is as low as $10 in most salons......*wink*.

Weave update:
I stopped gheing for a while since the challenge is over. I simply want to wash my hair though the weave I'm wearing is synthetic. I'm going to dilute my shampoo and conditioner; and spray on the tracks. I'm also going to prepoo for about an hour with coconut oil. I'm thinking of threading the weave in order to prevent knots and tangles. If things don't go as well as I assume, I will simply undo the weave, and keep the tracks. Back to my wigs, will I go then.

Tomorrow is wash day......wish me luck!!

Have you ever installed and taken down a weave or braids the same week?


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