Saturday, 16 November 2013

Relaxer Day #3: My Attempt at DIY Texlax!

Nothing comes easy.....and stretching your relaxer in order to prevent overlapping and gain length is one of the not-so-easy things one can do when on a relaxed hair journey. Yeah, I got kinda tired this time of handling my hair like a cookie; too afraid it will crumble. Don't blame me cos it's really hard juggling marriage, work, kids, studies (pretty non-existent) and almighty DIY Haircare aka Waist Length!!

Honestly, I got pretty frustrated because I want to get braids real bad but the only person I can trust to handle my hair, both relaxed and new growth with utmost care to reduce breakage had travelled and I can't wait for her anymore. The yearning had become more like a pregnancy craving. You just have to get it!!

So I looked back at my last stretch and then I realised why I suffered so much breakage. It was the braid sessions I had with 2 different hairdressers who were just not into working with so much new growth. I remember I had to keep telling them to comb carefully and they kept telling me to get a relaxer. I'm sure they must have done me envy!! So to avoid any such setback again, I decided to tame my new growth their! But this time, with the hairdresser who knows how to work with my hair gone, I decided to self-relax/texlax.

Texlaxing had been on my mind for a long while though I have thick relaxed hair. So it's just an Oliver Twist decision to gain more thickness. I have coarse hair so I usually process my hair for 18 minutes. I decided to process for 15 minutes which is the time for normal hair.....including application time. I didn't mix the relaxer with any oils but I left the smoothing process out totally. I didn't massage at all either. So here is my picture story of my DIY first texlax day........

relaxer day products
My relaxer day "cant-do-withouts" . I used ORS Replenishing conditioner when I felt my hair was too hard when I was done with the above products. My leave-ins were Infusium 23, Hawaiian Silky herbal leave-in and IC polisher.

relaxer day

Sectioned my hair into four parts after thoroughly detangling again and held it in place with clips. Realise then I had no pretroleum jelly! I looked through my stash and found a moisturiser I bought for my daughter and don't use anymore because it had petroleum jelly, lanolin, mineral oil as the top ingredients. I used it to base my entire scalp, ears and forehead. I then applied hemp oil all over my relaxed hair.

relaxer in hair

relaxer in hair

I applied the relaxer quickly starting from the back as it grows faster and thicker there. I didn't smooth it in at all with a comb. It took about 10 minutes to complete my whole head. I rinsed out after exactly 15 minutes.
1. Applied Vitale Revive Conditioner. Left it in for 5 minutes.
2. Applied ORS Aloe Shampoo, worked into a lather, left it in for 5 minutes then rinsed. Shampooed 2 more times and rinsed.
3. Applied Vitale Positive Conditioner, left it in for 5 minutes and rinsed.
4. Applied Roux Porosity Condtioner, left it in for 2 inutes and rinsed.

My hair is usually soft after using Roux, but not today. On relaxer days, my hair gets really stiff so I know not to blame the products.

5. I applied ORS Replenishing Conditioner and covered with a shower cap and went about my baby business. Rinsed out after a long while and rollerset.

texlaxed hair

6. Sat under the dryer for 30 minutes, then 15 minutes as it was not totally dry.


 7. I gave up and decided to airdry. Sitting under the dryer for long gives me the creeps.

armpit length hair
Is APL where my blog address is written?!

100% dry and I'm loving my results. My ever-active whatsapp hairlista group friends say I'm APL already!! That is really coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!

Am I really Armpit Length? 



  1. Looking good girl. Your hair looks much healthier.

    1. Yeah....trimming not so bad after all.

  2. Looks like APL to me dear.....Congrats..

  3. Looking good! Hooray for successfully self-relaxing!


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