Wednesday, 6 November 2013

I Got Bangs Me Trying to Love

I know I have said it several times on my facebook page that I won't get a trim from a stylist again. But I went again last weekend....well, thought I should get my hair all nice and neat for the hair meetup. 

I had washed my hair that morning and after running a few errands and with the knowledge that there was power rationing, I decided to go to the salon an hour earlier than planned. I knew they had a generator so I was sure I was going to have a great hair day. I got to the salon which was not far from the event venue about 2 hours to the meetup and met stylists I had never seen before. Hadn't been there in over a year. I was pressed for time so I decided to stay. 

I told the stylists to get my hair done as quickly as possible so I could go to the venue 30 minutes before time. She insisted my hair needed a wash because it smelt like "food" but y'all know where the food scent is I declined politely and asked her to continue. She applied a heat protectant and began to blow dry my hair which was 30% wet. Suddenly, the blow dryer and lights went off!! "Sweet Lord, not today"!! Then I remembered they had a generator so I relaxed and waited. After some minutes, a young lady came asking for money to go buy power. It was then I was told upon enquiry that the generator had broken down and the meter was out of credits so they were going to purchase some more.

So there I was, sitting in the chair with my hair in chaos with no idea when it will be all done. After a good 30 minutes, the young lady returned and power was restored. A look at the clock and I had 45 minutes to go. The stylist promised to complete it in time. She dried my hair completely with the blow dryer and asked if I wanted a trim. I wasted no time in responding, "YES!! Trim the ends a little".

Honestly, I was very distracted....was whatsapping and facebooking alongside so though I saw her section the front and hold it up, I thought she was deliberating on how much to cut. SNIP SNIP...I looked up and I was amazed and shocked she cut right where her fingers were.....a good 4 inches from the end of my hair ends!! She must have seen how wide my eyes went for she asked "Is it okay?". You've got to be kidding me!!

hair trim

Too bad the dirty had been done again!! No room for remorse, no room for tears. I just told her to trim only 1 inch from then on. She kept insisting she needed to trim more so I promised her I'd come right back to get it done.
hair trim

I just thank my lucky stars she started from the front so the short part could as well be thought to be a deliberate cut.

Yeah, like bangs.

Once flat ironed, it really looked nice so I've decided to find ways to rock bangs. What choice do I have!! 
hair trim

When I got home, I took pixs of the ends and they were not straight at all. Maybe her scissors were blunt. What good is it if my ends are cut and they look uncut? A careful look at the pixs above and you can see the last 3 inches that have to go again in future.

hair trim

Yes, I have 2 relaxed textures....the old hair (abt 10 inches at the beginning of my hair journey, now 6 inches) and the new hair (abt 7 inches); and they look very different. I have been trimming the old hair off bit by bit over the past year as I didn't want to big chop my not-so-healthy hair from the start.

So, having been put to the measuring tape by a few of my fellow "Ghanalistas" my bangs are now 10 inches long.
how to trim hairThe rest of my head has about 12-13 inches of hair. Got an inch trimmed off all through. 

how to trim hair

So, there! I can't make up my mind about chopping the old hair all off at once because as I'll say, it doesn't look like there's anything wrong with it once it is wet, dry, rollerset or flatironed. 

How do you feel about trimming more than 1 inch at a time?  



  1. I think you should cut the old ends off and give your hair a fresh start & baby those ends. I had this happen to me but because my stylist chopped all my old ends off (when I didn't want her too) I was able to retain more length and my hair was much healthier.
    Good Luck!

    1. Courage.......that's all I need to do the BIG CHOP!! Soooooooooooooooooon, very soon.

  2. Your ends look a little thin I have to admit. I struggled with the same problem about 7 months ago but I chopped off my thin ends and wore protective style buns so I wouldn't have to mourn after my length so munch. 7 months later my ends are thicker and have grown back to almost the same length before I cut. It's up to you to cut all at once but every 2-3 months or so you might want to trim those ends to gain thickness back gradually. It takes time but best of luck :)

    1. Yeah....I think I have prove enough that my hair grows! Will do the chop at the beginning of the year.


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