Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Spot the Difference: Trimmed twice

I have been asked several times in the past weeks why I kept trimming my hair. I'm always in ponytails so my tail got shorter and shorter......over the past month. "Why grow it and cut it away?". "You cut away all the T444Z Hair Food investment?" Hhahahahhahahahaha.....Let me show you why if you are new to this blog.

Honestly, I barely comb my hair all back now so it is hard to see the serious breakage I had in the last 6 months of my relaxer stretch. I decided to trim myself as often as I rollerset which is once in a while because I am hooked to airdrying. So after 2 self trims,I went from line skinny 8 to 6.........that's 2 inches off. I only trimmed what needed to be trimmed. 


Then a visit to a stylist to get a trim got me a bang at the first snip and I asked her to trim up to an inch from then onwards. I guess she didn't trim as much either. And then I went to a salon last week and requested for a trim. Like I wrote on my facebook page, this hairdresser seemed to cut only what needed to be cut. She inspected each section of hair ends before she cut, just like I do so I think what she cut was very negligible... maybe a centimetre in a lot of sections because it was hard to see a difference when she was done.

So, I'm at line 6 now. Not as full as I would like but much, much better than before. My hubby, mum and sister, my greatest fans; made me promise to leave the scissors alone till March 2014. Their wish is my command. 

I'm planning to braid by Saturday as I prepare for our T444Z Hair Food Challenge as proposed by members of our coooooooooolest but hair obssessed whatsapp chat group. In fact, it's about time!!

I'm the last person in the world to catch in a really cool hairstyle. Below is my boring signature hairstyle. But I have noticed with great pleasure I don't have as much flyaways as before. My hair is more obedient than ever before and the shine is incredible. I'm at a point where I LOVE MY HAIR .....gaining more length will just be icing on the cake.

 So in a quest to impress a few hhj ladies I had to meet last weekend, I tried these styles...lol. The first was totally cool except I found only 2 bobby pins in my house!! Imagine!! Had to settle for the second which is just a new version of my signature hairstyle. I need some serious hairstyle inspiration.

Send a request to join our group to +233201979795....we would love to be joined by fellow hhj ladies from all over the world. 

What hairstyle do you rock most with your real hair?



  1. Good to see you trying other styles. The 2 are nice


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