Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Inversion Challenge: Grow an Inch In a Week?

Sounds extremely miraculous!! Even unbelievable!! But hey, what's the harm in trying? 

Been using this method; kinda, once in a while especially when I apply my prepoo oils before my wash. Even though I have read a lot and seen a lot of results with this method, I haven't tried it a full week before. I have been yearning to do a full week just to see but never really got to it. Yeah, too lazy to do it a whole week...lol! Having met a lot of ladies all over the world with great hair stories, I have just come to realise I need to put in a lot more effort. Boot camp style!! 

There are 4 proposed challenges in our whatsapp group; Water, Inversion, Biotin and T444Z Hair Food Challenges. All 4 challenges can be done concurrently and that's the beauty about it. It's really a hair growth boot camp! 

Water Challenge: We all know water is very important for overall health and wellness of the body; and is very essential for transporting nutrients all over the body. Your hair, skin and nails need essential nutrients too and remember an indication of overall health is healthy hair, skin and nails!! So, the challenge is to drink at least 2 litres of water per day and increase gradually to 2.5 litres which is okay for the average adult. Do not drink more than 3 litres unless you want to loose weight drastically. Even so, please seek medical advise before doing so but under no circumstance should you drink more than 4 litres of water in a single day.

Inversion Challenge: This challenge will be to test the truth of this method, by several ladies at once and must be done consistently for the full 7 days. 

inversion for hair growth1. Take measurements of your hair in the front, back and side on day 1. You should use a ruler or tape measure and not a length check shirt for this check. 

2. Massage scalp for 4 minutes with oil of choice. Olive oil is usually recommended and can be warmed a few minutes. Warming the oil is optional. 

3. Invert head for 4 minutes and rise up slowly. Do this all 7 days without fail. Wash hair if it is too oily after inversion. This challenge will run from 24th November -  1st December.

(Photo Credit: Various sources via Google Images)

NB: There are several poses for inversion but use a method that is comfortable for you. Any yoga pose that affords your head to be turned upside down is allowed. Do not do this for the first time when completely alone. Do not invert your head for more than 4 minutes!! You should also totally avoid doing this method if  you have any of the following conditions: pregnancy, low or high blood pressure, heart or circulatory problems, glaucoma, hernia, conjunctivitis, spinal injury, fractures, osteoporosis, ear infections, obesity or any other serious health conditions. Seek medical advice where in doubt. 

I will do a post on the 24th of November and show my starting lengths. Fingers-crossed; I hope I am in the best of health by then. Details of other 2 challenges coming up tomorrow. 

Do you believe the inversion method really works? Join us and let's find out!!



  1. Wow, good luck on your inversion challenge! For me personally I don't like to do too many hair challenges and length checks because they make me stress about every inch of my hair but I try to focus on lifestyle. I'm sure drinking water and stimulating your scalp will encourage hair growth & health...I'm not sold on the 1 inch in 1 wk rule though.

    1. Yes oooooooooo......but funny enough, some of us are prepared to break our backs for an extra inch. If it does work, never say nada....will keep doing it till thy kingdom come...lol! For me, doing this is just pretty much like washing my hair under the tap. Not much work.

  2. Good luck! I can't wait to see your results!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Me neither...*fingers crossed* ....lol!

  3. I tried doing the inversion method and i abandoned it after 3 mins. I just realised that i was not even doing it well and i still abandoned it. I seriously doubt i would be trying it out. And what is the harm in doing it, me fainting that is what the harm is .....lol. But Good luck on your challenge. As for the water challenge, i can't do that too. I have a bladder that quickly fills up, if i took about 2 litres of water i would be in the toilet every 15 mins, so i think i would pass on that one too. I think i would join the T444Z challenge though..


    1. Hhahahahhahhaha....by all means, you don't have to join in if you are uncomfortable with the whole concept. Praise God, together with about 70 ladies in my whatsapp group, we all did day 1 successfully.

  4. Hhahahahhahhaha....by all means, you don't have to join in if you are uncomfortable with the whole concept. Praise God, together with about 70 ladies in my whatsapp group, we all did day 1 successfully.


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