Thursday, 20 March 2014

New Protective Style: Cornrows!

I know, I know ....I said no more braids but this time, I really had to get braids. I will be away from home for a month and do not want to carry my hair troubles along so I decided to install cornrows so my wash days will be easier. Will be more like wash-and-gos...I'll just wash, put in my products and then go.

I was so glad I decided to trust this hairdresser. I went to her shop last Saturday to get cornrows. Initially we had discussed using my hair only but I decided at the last minute to add extensions as per reasons given above. We used half pack of extensions. I am just too pleased with my cornrows. Very simple, pretty and neat. Totally painless; no headaches and sleepless nights. There was no need for neatening with scissors, fire or hot water as is usually done here in the salons. Within 2 hours she was done. And believe me, we had a lot of breaks as her salon was quite busy that day. The cost of the installation was only 10ghs. That's less than 5 dollars. The extension was 5ghs a pack. 

cornrow stylescornrow styles

Braids after 2 washes.

As usual, I washed my hair just as always. I have done 2 washes already. I prepooed with Coconut oil and Wonder 8 oil. I used my onion-infused Creme of Nature conditioning shampoo first and then followed with Aphogee Shampoo and Aphogee 2 min reconstructor. I then let it dry 80%, applied T444Z Hair food to my scalp and then Creme of Nature Argan oil leave in. I then moisturised with ORS Moisturiser and then sealed with a mix of Wonder 8 oil, coconut oil and gbco. I did this on both wash days.

On the other days I didn't wash, I applied a mix I made of t444z, gbco, chapter 2000, virgin hair fertilizer, coconut and peppermint oil. I've had the chapter 2000 and virgin fertilizer for a long while now and decided to just mix it up and use instead of throwing it away as I initially intended. I was expecting the "concoction"to be super hot and tingly, but to my surprise I only felt a mild tingling the first day and nothing at all consequently. I will continue using it till it's used up. I also have African Pride braid spray and I spray this on my hair in the evenings, wear my shower cap and go to bed. I have been doing the green house effect each night since Saturday. 

best growth aidsbest growth aids

My braids are just 6 days old but I do feel new growth already. I will continue to use the above regimen for a month and see how it goes. I may however cut ghe down....will do it 2 days in a row and skip the 3rd day in that order. My new growth feels super soft!! 

I hope to keep writing while away ..........and I am thinking of embarking on a weight loss and skin care journey too. 

How often do you wash your hair in braids? 



  1. How do u wash your hair in braids? Nice style by the way. In naija we call it, "Ghana weaving shuku"

    1. Yes, yes..Ghana weaving! I just wash as I would wash my hair. I dilute my products a little bit to make it easy to use. Just do not ruffle too much else the hair becomes too frizzy. Better to scrunch.

  2. Never knew one could wash the hair when in braids. How is the drying process like? ?? Really learning new stuff!

    1. It dries pretty fast especially if you just walk around a bit outdoors to get some fresh air.....I usually just sit on my porch, take a quick walk down the road or just set off for work....within 10 minutes, it's all dry. Just wrap up braids in an old T-Shirt to soak up as much water while you complete your errands or shower.

  3. I was every two weeks when I have braids on. I love the hair.

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