Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Details of Last Relaxer Day!

Hi lovelies,

Just as promised, here goes my relaxer day in as much detail as I can give. Having to deal with 3 textures at 18 weeks post was not feeling funny anymore. Wash days began to feel like horror days and I just didn't look forward to it. Not, not, not that kind of feeling I want to have as far as my hair is concerned. So as much as I really wanted to get to 20 weeks, I just woke up that night and at 10 pm , I had absolutely no desire to wake up with hair not retouched. It was late, I was tired but Lord knows where I found my way to my relaxer. 

Threading for wash days were not working anymore and I had to try braids. It was far better than threading and it definitely is the way to go for my texture and length of hair now. I had been keeping my own hair in these large braids under my wig after I took my braid extensions out. 

I parted my hair into 4 large sections, detangled and coated the already processed parts with castor and coconut oil mix. I used a lot of oil as I bought the Motions Relaxer in super strength and didn't want to risk processing the already texlaxed parts.
I do not use a comb on relaxer days as I find that it delays the process for me. I make the parts with my hands and apply the relaxer with my hands. I always wear gloves. 

I scooped out enough relaxer and stirred it to get it into a smooth paste. This relaxer was so soft already that was a step I could have skipped . 

I made parts quickly and applied the relaxer starting in the back as always; cos my hair grows thicker in there. It was my first time of using this relaxer and so I worked very fast as I wasn't sure how it would process. This relaxer surprised me honestly. It was so gentle and smooth to apply, didn't have that huge awful relaxer scent. I actually had to put my nose close to it to smell it to be sure it was a relaxer. I was amazed at how it felt on my hair...like a deep conditioner. Hair felt soft within minutes of application.  I had no sensation at all after 15 minutes....that was a nice surprise considering it was super strength and I thought I won't make it through 10 minutes. Boy, I was so wrong!

I worked the relaxer with my fingers, stretching the new growth for the last 5 minutes of the time and then I rinsed it out. It rinsed out so easily. Meeeeehn, I had such an awe with this relaxer. How do I describe the feeling.....

I applied ES Keratin Hair Treatment right after and then followed with ORS aloe shampoo twice after rinsing out. I then apllied ORS replenishing conditioner and waited for 15 minutes before I rinsed out. 

I then used my fan to airdry, applied Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 as a leave in, Afroriri butter to moisturise and Afroriri Hair and scalp conditioner to seal. I used a little pure castor oil for a final step.

My hair felt .....hairmazing!! I was in real love! Need I say more?! 

I was so confident I would have no issues for a long while and I put on my satin cap and went right to bed. I have been enjoying my hair for the past week. No issues with reversion. My texture is just the way I love it and my hair is in it's glory days once again. 

Styling has been easy and believe me, I still comb my hair no more than twice a week. Most of the braids and updo styles do no need to be very sleek so I just style and use a comb to smooth it afterwards. 

I'm considering a long term protective style soon but I'm mighty bored with braids or twists now...been my go-to option for the past months.... and would love to try a weave this time.

What product surprised you pleasantly recently? 



  1. I love the half down, half up style with the Pompadour.

    1. Thanks sweetie....i'm a sucker at hairstyle names...hhhhhhahhahah.

  2. love your hairstyles, thumbs up!


    1. Medaaase Dupe......love your too. So thick and gorgeous!

  3. I relaxed my hair a week ago and used Motions relaxer (regular) for the first time, and was pleasantly surprised. My experience was similar to yours, no burning, no harsh smell. I think I've found a new staple product.

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  5. You are so artistic with your hairstyles.

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