Friday, 11 January 2013

16 Weeks Post Now - Braid Update

It’s been a month since I had my yarn braids. I must say, it’s a style to have if you don’t want to do too much to your hair. I haven’t washed these braids in a month and even though I went to the stylist to get a wash, she didn’t agree to do it. She promised however to dry clean and restyle it for me tomorrow. Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!
What I’ve been doing in the past month to my hair:

Moisturise: I moisturise every morning with my African Pride braid spray and in the evening with my homemade moisturising mix which contains lots of water because I GHE almost every night. I make sure I massage the products in for a few minutes.

Growth aids: I use my T444Z hair food on my edges every day and on my scalp once or twice a week. I alternate between regular castor oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil which I massage into my scalp every other day. I also purchased Virgin Hair Fertilizer together with the Braid spray to help stop my itch which lasted less than a week after I started using them together. I must say they were both very effective. Since I have the hair fertilizer, I use it for my daily massage regimen. I massage my scalp for 5 mins in the morning and 5 mins in the evening with the Virgin Hair Fertilizer without fail. I have an alarm for!! I intend to continue my scalp massages and increase the time to 10 mins!!

Reflex and Yoga:  Have you ever imagined that hair growth could be increased by rubbing the fingernails together briskly in a semi-fist? Well, I read that this is an old Indian secret and I decided to try it out and!! I usually do this for as many minutes as I can as I watch “A Shelter for Love” on Viasat 1 in the evenings...... hahhahahaha!! Another one I read about was tipping the head over to increase circulation of blood to the scalp. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ......I may try that out sometime soon. I’ve not started an exercise regimen yet but I will add this yoga trick when I incorporate exercising into my regimen.(Exercise.....when ooooooooooooooooo when?)
There are many other styles..check them out.

My hair is still in a bun so I can’t really say how much growth I’ve got in a month. I hope I can take a pixs of the new growth when the stylist takes the bun down. I’m wondering if she will think I’m crazy for taking pixs of my hair growth....HAHHAHHAHAHAHHA!! I must be crazy anyway for wanting Waist Length Hair while here in Ghana hahhahahhahahahhaha....but I intend to get it anyways! In 5 years time By His Grace (yes, I’m praying not to grow bald as I grow!!


  1. All the Ghanains I know have thick hair whether long or short one thing they have in common is the thickness! I have always wondered if it has something to do with the diet...palm oil maybe?

  2. that you mention it, Palm Oil....i have to try hard not to eat too much of it...hahahahah!! We sure have very thick hair, what we lack is how to love and care for our hair. It's a treasure!!

  3. Hi cc Stella help me hear I'm confuse Virgin & T444Z hair food it's doing the same job on hair ?

  4. Hi... Please where did you buy the virgin hair fertilizer from??


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