Monday, 21 October 2013

Hair Musings!!

It's been like forever since I wrote anything. I wish we had better internet services!! Blogging is not fun when it takes forever to upload pixs to a post. That's my BIG challenge now so just to let you know I have great posts coming right up as soon as my internet is fixed. 

I've got Bad News and Good News!!

The Bad: I've been struggling with shedding and breakage these past 3 weeks since my relaxer. I find that I always have shed and broken hairs in my comb lately. It's been 5 months since my baby arrived. It's quite disturbing but I guess I can blame it on post-partum shedding and over-manipulation.  My hair has been too free lately....and I let my ends hang sometimes when I'm wearing a ponytail instead of tucking it under with hair pins.....just a few times ( a girl gotta show off a little) but I guess just a few times is bad for my hair. I had wanted to get braids but then I thought if my hair needed to shed, it will shed anyway. However, it doesn't come out in huge clamps so I must say my tea rinses and coconut onion oil may be helping a whole lot. It could be worse.....right?

The Good: I have stated a few times that my hair doesn't grow out quickly after a relaxer...sometimes takes up to a month to feel any new growth at all. But surprisingly, at just 2 weeks, I felt new growth! Thick, strong new growth!! And at almost 4 weeks, I see 1/3 inch already. That makes me very happy because in the past, I waited like forever before I saw or felt new growth.

Now what has changed in my regimen lately:

1. I mixed my T444Z with black castor oil....I know I shouldn't but it was getting finished; and since my order hasn't arrived, I just thought to mix it up to have a little more.....just a little more. And I absolutely love it.......!! Just discussing it with a few hair friends as well, I found that they mix it with black castor oil too when it's getting finished..............and it works. Going against the product usage directions...............hmmmmmmmm!!

2. I massaged my scalp with coconut oil and tipped my head over for 4 consecutive days after my relaxer. Yes...I was trying the inversion method but failed at completing the full week. I had second thoughts because after the full 4 minutes, I felt a little light headed each time. Maybe I could have got the full inch if I had done it to the end................hmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

Everything else was pretty much the same as far as my wash day regimen is concerned. Only BIG change is that I have shampooed every week instead of once a month as using the coconut onion oil in my hair cannot let me go scot free without shampooing. And indeed, it stinks real bad now as it's been almost a month since the ingredients were infused in the oil.

Time to prepare another concoction.......................whoop whoop!!

How long does it take to feel new growth after a relaxer?



  1. Postpartum shedding was terrible for me. The good news is that it won't last long! You can check out my experience here: Shed Dread

    I'm excited for your new concoction. I love a good kitchenista recipe!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  2. It usually takes about one to two weeks for me to start feeling new growth coming in discussing when my hair was bone straight. it's harder to tell now that I'm texlaxing.
    I'm glad you're starting to see faster growth and hopefully you will be able to get the shedding and breakage under control soon. HHG!


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