Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Hair Musings!

I'm just at a point in my hair journey where I just don't know what next my hair wants me to do. It is growing, YES!, thicker and faster too. But is it me or it's just my regimen that I have to tweak to stop it from breaking, breaking, breaking , breaking anywhere beyond 8 weeks when it is free?

I beat myself a bit when I can't stretch beyond 8 weeks but I have come to the point where I think I should just listen to my hair, and my hair only. Having to tell others to relax no less than 8 weeks post and go only 6 weeks and relax has been hard for me. But my hair hates long stretches. I have had many setbacks in the past because I tried to stretch beyond 8 weeks. And having the texlaxed middle doesn't make matters easier.

I am 12 weeks post now and I had braids the whole while so it was easy. But my hair is free now and fighting with me. I can't wear a weave or braid because of an upcoming hair event next week, so I simply have to cave in and relax. 


My roots only comb (that post is coming soon, I promise) makes it so easy to apply my oils and moisturiser, but my issue is my hair tangles more by the passing hour. I apply my favourite detangler and moisturiser Hawaiian silky 14 in 1, and my hair feels so soft and detangled. I style and go to work. By evening, I have to detangle all over again. Like from scratch.........like what is this? It's taking so much of my time and I really want the easiest way out. And, my hands are always in my hair too...feeling my new growth ....which ain't too good either. 

And the puff too....need bobby pins and a "hold me down" song to keep my hair in place even after scarfing overnight.....like what is this.....hahahahhahhahahhahahahha.......but this time I'm not laughing! 

So my mind is made up once again. I will self-texlax (is that a hair word ?) on Saturday morning and give you an update as soon as I can. Wish me luck.

Does your hair like or hate relaxer stretches? 



  1. Hi Stella: in some hair types (especially resistant hair) texlaxing only makes the hair more prone to breakage. Sometimes the original bonds reform if the relaxer does not soften the hair enough to break the bonds. Therefore after a few weeks, some people feel like they never got the chemical. Your hair may not fall in this category. However, my hair did. It was best to relax completely straight allowing the cuticles to stay closed without overprocessing. Because of the level of straightness, roller sets or wet sets were required to keep from damaging the straightened hair from hot irons.

  2. The troubles our hair can give us.

  3. Your hair is different from everybody else'. Just listen to it and you will be okay.

  4. Lol your hair jst has a mind of its own. Can't wait for the relaxer results

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