Friday, 14 November 2014

How I'll Retain My Length

Our biggest issue especially for those of us with relaxed hair is how to minimise breakage and prevent split ends. Now, if there is one lesson I have learnt the hard way, it is to keep my hair, especially the ends well hidden after moisturising and sealing.

Once we get past shoulder length, we desire to show off a little. Just a little. And when the "is that your hair?" question keeps coming, we keep showing off and showing off. Maybe you don't do that, but I am so guilty of that......geeeeeez! I'm better now though...healing.

I am currently 9 weeks post and struggling with breakage. I had a weave in for 6 weeks, and now have cornrows. My hair needs more loving especially with protein. I need to retain length and these are some things I need to work on:

1. Protein-Moisture Balance: I need to get my hair balanced right away! Too much moisture leaves the hair limp and mushy, and in effect weak and prone to breakage. Too much protein also leaves the hair hard and brittle, and also prone to breakage. Until there is a fine balance between the two, hair is in trouble. Protein strengthens the hair and moisture retains elasticity of the hair. Too much of either is bad. I have to remember to do my hard protein treatments every month and do mild protein treatments weekly.

Test: Stretch freshly washed hair gently. If it snaps too quickly, your hair needs moisture. If it stretches for too long before snapping, your hair needs protein. If it is balanced, it will snap but not too quickly or stretch but not too long before it snaps. 

2. Low Manipulation and Protective Styling : This one, I have to work real good on. I have to comb my hair less within the week and keep my ends tucked away when my hair is free. For now, I'm gonna just stay away from combing. I have a roots only applicator bottle and my gosh! I've used it for some weeks now and I am so pleased with myself for buying it! I just poured in my oils and just got to work with it. No need to part hair into sections and all that. 

3. Stretch Stretch Stretch my Relaxer!! Since the beginning of the year, I have failed terribly at stretching. Terribly! I haven't gone up to 8 weeks this whole year which is a big shame. Though I ensure I do not overlap my already relaxed hair or over process the relaxer, it may still have affected my strands and they may be weaker than before. Surely, I will go beyond 12 weeks this time for sure. That's my new resolve. I have to work it out somehow. 

4.  Trim my Ends: This may sound counter productive but I just realised my split ends may have travelled up my hair shaft over the past months I didn't trim. So moving forward, I will snip off a little bit on my ends after every relaxer. That should keep the thin looking ends at bay. My texlaxed middle makes my ends look so miserable. If only I had the courage to just cut them all off. 

This is my "big"plan for the rest of the year. I'll take my Manetabolism Pills religiously; and these pills are really amazing. My hair is growing like weeds.......super satisfied! I will also henceforth do scalp massages at least 3 times a week with my new D.I.Y oil growth potion (every growth aid I have is in there! Will tell you about that soon) and draw up a hair regimen which I would share in another post once I'm done. My edges are also growing back nicely. I don't want a huge setback to mark the celebration on my 2 year anniversary. 

How do you prevent hair breakage?


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