Thursday, 12 February 2015

PYHC : Mega Moisture Mini Challenge

Hi hairdies,

Let the pampering begin!! I'm super -excited and so are the wonderful ladies in the challenge. We just can't stop thinking about how awesome our hair will become by the end of the challenge. Once we can think it, and dream it...and do what we need to do, we will have it! 

Most of us have our hair growing all the time, no matter how slow; it still grows. The challenge is how to retain length. The key to retaining length is breakage control. And one practice that a lot of ladies take for granted is the importance of moisturising and sealing. So we'll start from there!

Mega Moisture Mini Challenge 

Aim: To keep hair ends moisturised, reduce dryness, brittleness and breakage. 


1. Wash hair at least once a week with preferably a sulfate free or low sulfate shampoo.

2. Deep condition after every wash preferably with a mild protein conditioner.

3. Airdry only. No heat.

4. Moisturise with a water-based moisturiser and seal with an oil or cream. 

5. Keep ends tucked away always. Buns or Faux bobs are easy low-manipulation styles you can wear.

6. Check in every week by posting your photo preferably of your ends to facebook or instagram using the hashtag #ghpamperyourhair2015. 

7. This mini challenge ends on 12th March, 2015.

healthy hair challenge
Hair after moisturising and sealing. 

afroriri hair butter
Afroriri Luxe Hair and Scalp Conditioner
afroriri hair butter
Afroriri Luxe Hair  Butter 

I will use the AfroRiri Luxe Hair Butter and AfroRiri Luxe Hair and Scalp Conditioner. I find that using both products; butter first then conditioner to hair feels and looks super moisturised, shiny and soft without feeling limp. Once in a while I will use coconut oil to seal to keep split ends under control. 

Check-in: Leave a comment below stating the moisturiser and oil you will use during the challenge. 



  1. Thanks for the Mega Moisture Mini Challenge. Am currently in braids so i use the Sulphur 8 braid spray mixed with coconut oil to moisturise.

  2. I use the African Pride moisturizer. I just got some cornrows installed so I will use a braid spray to keep the hair moisturized.

  3. Thnx for de challenge but am in braids and I've been using my braids spray to moisturize and my Castor oil to seal

  4. Hawaiian Silky 14 in 1 and castor oil. Hw about If am wigging so I keep ma hair in corn rows?

    1. Apply moisturiser and oil to the cornrows...or make a braid spray and spray over the cornrows.

  5. Ur hair looks really moisturized and healthy Star!

  6. I'll be using My home made mix for now until I get my braids out it is a mix of water, tressemme moisturizing conditioner, aloe Vera juice, glycerin and peppermint+Rosemary+olive oils...

  7. When is the winner for the mini challenge be announced? Cnt wait.♥♥


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