Sunday, 8 February 2015

Hair Challenges I've Joined So Far

Hello lovelies,

Besides the Pamper Your Hair Challenge I am hosting myself, there are so many hair growth challenges out there and being totally all for long, long, and thick, thick hair by the end of this year, I have joined 3......and 1 more. The 3 are kind of major and the last 1, I deem minor because it is easy.

Let's see:

Let's Grow Our Hair Challenge: This is co-hosted by some of my favourite bloggers and I'm in as there will be mini challenges each month to keep participants in check. I really want to dedicate my time to my hair much more this year. 

Growth Challenge 2015 by Phro Group: This is hosted by Phrophro. It is also aimed at hair growth but it is at different levels based on how you want to wear your hair the whole year. I'm doing the Rested Growth Routine. I am challenging myself to keep in my protective styles for 6-8 weeks at a time and I found it perfectly in line with my own hair plans. 

Castor Oil Challenge by Sunshyne: I've decided to try Jamaican Black Castor Oil as a growth aid again. I will be using the Jamaican Mango and Lime brand and hope it works for me. I tried JBCO 2 years ago for growth and didn't see much so I only used it to seal in moisture.Will massage onto my scalp 3 times a week and hope to see results. This time, I will go through the 3 month period the challenge will last. It ends in April. It is hosted by Sunshyne.

Ms Direction Healthy Hair Challenge:  Healthy hair care practices is the focus of this challenge. I deem it a great challenge to because if hair grows fast and breaks fast as well, there will be little to no progress. Having reminders to pay attention to retention is also key. Hosted by Miranisa.

The last one is The Mane Challenge which is simply using Manetabolism Healthy Hair Vitamins which I would begin in May. I just started taking Groganics Vitamins as I don't want my body to get used to the Manetabolism Vitamins....

I will keep up with all the mini challenges the best I can...I aim to get no less than 4 inches more by June, 2015. 

Which hair challenges are you in? 


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