Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Hair Update: 13 Weeks Post Relaxer

Hello Hairdies,

Go Star!! Go Star!! Go Star!! 

Wish you could catch the excitement in my words as I type!! I am 13 weeks relaxer! Jumping up and down, doing the crazy dance......hehheehhehehhehehhehe.....like it's some mean feat but I've not stretched this long since early 2014 so it is really, really a huuuuuuuge deal for me. 

I planned to stretch 8 weeks initially but once I decided to get these twists despite my struggles with the new growth, I realised it was easy breezy caring for my hair. No hustling on wash days, no detangling wahala, no styling issues......it was just "relax and enjoy" for these past 4 weeks. 

How Did I care for my hair and scalp in the past 4 weeks? Check out my video update.

Now to my new growth!! Just look at that beauty!! Feels so so so soft !! It's been T444Z Hair Food and Groganics Liquid Scratch Scalp Tonic on my scalp and Dark, and Lovely Hair Refresher on the braids 2-3 times a week for the first 3 weeks. I confess I got lazy the 4th week and 3 days today and have not done anything to my hair. No vitamins. No inversion. No other secret hair concoctions ..hehhehehhehehhe. 

t444z hair foodt444z hair food

groganics liquid scratch

I'm just so happy I stayed consistent this time for at least 3 weeks. My growth is really a lot. It could be almost an inch. This week however, I will do the ghe every 3 days. I am wary of massaging at this time as I am not sure I would not cause breakage in the process.

groganics liquid scratch

So I've been going around with that "bush" underneath, laughing about funny queries about my bushy hair. Yeah, yeah..the impression here is usually that you are too broke to get a new hairdo...lol...but seriously, I'm just not in the mood to sit for 4 plus hours to undo the braids and detangle; and the past weekends have been busy attending events...and I'm attending 2 this whole weekend. Will be back to work on Monday like this again and I would just have to keep smiling and laughing at the remarks. 

Things We Do For Hair.....Lmao!!

What is the longest period you have ever kept braids in? 



  1. Congrats for making it 13 weeks post chica! They giggle at you now and then they'll ask you what your secrets are later. LOL!

    Do you think that you will reinstall the braids or relax?

    KLP @ www.savingourstrands.com

    1. After one bad experience with a long stretch...24 weeks, I'm honestly scared to do long stretches now. However, if my ends look fine after detangling, I just might stretch a little further. Only way is to install a long term protective style again.

  2. wow! Star congrats. Infact you are my secrete admirer paaaa, sooooo musch growth. I need rush after T444Z soooooooon! All the best dear

  3. Woooow!!!amazing growth...well done Stella


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