Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Pamper Your Hair Challenge Ends!!

Hello lovely hairdies, 

It's so amazing it's half year already!! 

How is your hair journey so far? 

Remember I started a challenge to help us all keep pampering our hair? Yaaaaaas!! The 1st Edition has ended!! Finally, one lucky contestant will go home with a pack of Afroriri products. 

The contestants for the first edition should kindly send their comparison photos; before and now via message on my facebook page. You can also post your photo to instagram and use the hashtag #ghpamperyourhair2015. 

When does the next edition begin? 

Begins on the 16th of July. Anyone in Ghana or with an address in Ghana can join! 

Winner takes home:
GHlonghair Length Check Shirt
Groganics Growthick Hair Fattening Shampoo
Groganics Featherlite Voluminising Conditioner
Groganics Gro and Wild Intensive Growth Treatment 

groganics products

Read more about the rules here and do join in the July to December edition and win some of my favourite products!! The rules remain the same. Use the hashtag #ghpamperyourhair2015 and indicate it is your starting photo. Send your starting photos before 16th July to be entered into the next edition. Those who contested in the first edition can contest again. 

Voting for the 3 finalists for the first edition would be on the 20th of July here on this blog. Remember, it is all about health and length........ all the best to everyone who contested!



  1. Wow! great products too, yaaaaaaaay! an joining. Yes '' its all about length and health.

  2. wow! when this started in Jan i didnt know it would be here so soon! All the best to everyone that participated

  3. Lovely prizes! I tagged you in the what's in my bag tag..hope you can participate


  4. yaaayyyyy i'm in....

  5. Can't wait for it to be announced. My wife is in! Afia S. F


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