Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Hair Update: Wigging all December

It's been a minute and I know y'all wondering if I went into hairding (hiding) again...

It's so tough at work at the end of the year I hardly have time for my hair. So I've chosen to keep my hair in wigs till we break for Christmas. And I'm totally loving the easy care routine. No worry over styling. This is getting nicer each time I try it and I'm looking at wigging more next year...#new year  hair resolutions being made already.

And, I'm no fan of human hair as I feel it is expensive but bought for the first time and we'll see how it goes. Video update on my wig , hair extensions purchased and how I keep my hair underneath here: 

 I just need a mannequin head to start wig making! Don't forget to like and leave comments below. 



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