Monday, 26 November 2012

Before the journey...and setback!!

2010 No idea about hair care but wasn't!

2010....Edges full and thick.

My hair in February 2012..when I decided to take care of it. Was supposed to be my starting pixs.

April 2012...after 8 weeks of "hair care"!! Those edges were baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!

April 2012...looks better in a ponytail though.

April 2012....still looked better but I needed a trim!!

Didn't relax from May 2012 to August 2012....had lots of new growth since I was about 12 weeks post. That's 3 months of serious growth. I went to get a relaxer and the stylist asked to "trim"my ends. I ended up getting a Neck Length cut!! So the first 6 months went down the drain!! I was sooooo sad but hey, our hair grows!! Can't wait to see my results after my intended 16 week stretch..I should have about 2 inches of hair growth then!! I am currently 10 weeks post!!


  1. more reason to trim my hair myself! Ah!

    1. hehhehehehhe..... i don't need further convincing about trimming myself. It's either me or no trim....hhhahhaha!


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