Saturday, 12 April 2014

I Just Had Another Major Setback!

Bought new products!
I'm glad for all your support with the cornrows but I got a little frustrated with having to redo the individual braids because they kept falling out in twos. I just decided I had enough this morning and I took them out. I then marched to find a salon to get my hair washed. I am now asking myself, "Why the hell didn't you wash yourself"? Beats me , really. I have no clue why I went to the salon. I just remember picking my products, walking out of the gate and sitting in the chair of the nearest salon I could find. Maybe I was just got tired of bed resting and wanted an excuse to go out. I had a flu recently and had to bed rest.

Now the salon:

From the outside, it looked cool. I met the hairdresser braiding outside and told her I wanted to wash. She then asked me to go in. Well, I wasn't too pleased with how it looked inside but I had walked quite a distance and just collapsed into the chair. I began applying Emily Millionaire coconut oil to my hair when she came in. I asked her for a shower cap to cover it. She told me I would need a shower cap to steam only after washing but I told her I preferred to do it before as I had to wait anyway . She didn't look too pleased as she handed me the shower cap and went out to continue the braids.

Poor dolls!
When she was done, she invited me to the wash area and I handed her my products. I honestly don't know why she rolled her eyes at me again this time but I said nothing. Then once done, she wanted to ruffle it dry but I told her to wrap my hair in the towel instead. Now she was pretty mad. I ignored her and went to sit in the styling chair. I took the towel off and then she started combing my damp hair. I kept moving my head and told her to be very gentle else my hair would break off as I never comb my damp hair. She said sorry and continued. When she picked the tail comb to set, I wasn't too sure I wanted her using that comb for me, considering she wasn't gentle with the big one so I opted for blowdrying. Big mistake.

Lost too much hair.
She picked the dryer and turned the heat on without applying anything. I asked if she doesn't have any product for blowdrying, she said she had shea butter but uses it afterwards. I told her I'd apply some of the Emily Millionaire as it wasn't cool to blowdry without any barrier to the hair. Now, she was clearly mad and I should have left. Too bad I didn't because when I got home and let my hair down, I was totally shocked at how much hair I had lost, but just angry with myself for sitting through it when I could have left. Especially after noticing how bald her dolls were (to the point of even taking pixs as though I was gonna compare with my hair afterwards); and seeing all the hair in the big comb she used, what else could I expect?!!

When she was done, she charged 1000 Naira, clearly outrageous. I asked her to reduce her price but she just kept saying that was the charge. I guess she noticed my accent and wanted to have a field day. I was so down and not in the mood for her games. I just told her I'd pay 700 Naira.....she talked a whole lot more, took the money, gave me change and I left. This does it for me. I should have known better really but I just thought it would be rude to leave considering she was fuming already. Thanks to my whatsapp "hairmily" for cheering me up......It will all grow back, I believe. Could have been worse!! Just look at those poor dolls!

DIY till I get back home.

Anyone had a worse experience than this? What would you have done differently?



  1. Hi Ms. Stella: As a licensed hairdresser, I see both sides of your ordeal. The salon lady was offended although it was not your intention. Anytime, anyone offends a cook, doctor, hair lady, or anyone who has to provide services - one may get more headache than one bargained for. So sorry that the salon was not a good match. Everyone does things differently and sometimes coconut oil can create tangles in certain hair types.DIY at home is probably your best solution until you find the right hair lady. Consultations are important. If the consultation goes poorly, then leave without any commitment. So sorry this happened. It makes for a bad day for everyone involved.

    1. You are totally right!! DIY it is.....if only I could find a stylist like you who really understands it's not just about the hair.....It is about taking good care of myself. I love your blog...didn't realise until now that you had one. Xoxo!

    2. Thanks for the compliments! I have been on a four or five year documented hair journey myself despite being a hairdresser. LOL! From relaxed to natural to relaxed to locs - but it's part of life. LOL! My blog is Thanks for the mention! I love learning about your country and the products in your country. These blogs are amazing for networking and learning!

  2. So sorry this happened to you. I had a bad experience when I was getting braids last year. I kept telling the braiders that it was too tight and they were getting annoyed because of my complaints. The braids looked nice but my hair suffered for it. I hope that you find a stylist that will listen. Are you staying in Nigeria long? If you are in Lagos, there are some pretty good stylists. Good luck. :-)

    1. I came back home last Monday....but I did meet one good stylist in Akure....she did my relaxer and I was way too pleased!! I had so little time cos I was there to work as usual. I do intend to take a pleasure trip sometime, and hopefully we'll meet.

  3. DIY is the best way to go. I love to watch youtube vids. I hope you get a better experience next time. Kisses!


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