Saturday, 19 April 2014

This Joyful Easter-tide!!

Christ in you, your hope of Glory!!

I believe in the Ressurrection and the Life. There is nothing too difficult for our Mighty God! Why worry and carry heavy burdens, my friend? Life is tough, indeed...but Christ gives us the opportunity each day to cast our burdens onto Him. That is the Reason for this Season. Lay all your crosses before the Cross because Christ could not have died in vain. He died that you and I may have life and live it to the full!!

Oh, arise my soul and praise the Lord. Choose to live in love, faith and hope, for that will give you great joy and happiness beyond human understanding. This world is but a journey! May every dead situation in our lives rise again to the glory of God and may our souls strive for the Kingdom of Heaven where there is Eternal Love, Joy and Happiness!! That is where our lives will really begin. Let us keep our eyes fixed on the Cross that we might in the end receive our Crowns of Glory!!

I believe in the Risen Lord Jesus and claim all His promises!! Type AMEN if you believe, and don't forget to spread the Good News by sharing this post with all your friends and family.

Happy Easter!!


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