Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Hair Musings

Hello everyone. It's been a long while. What has been up with my hair is pretty much nothing. That's primarily because it stopped itching!

Now, I hardly have my hands in my hair at all. I still use the Dark and Lovely Anti Itch and S.O.S hairline everyday. It is so easy and convenient to use. My hair is not smelly; according to my sister and the weave still looks good. I washed only that once I wrote about in my last post and I'm surprised after more than a week, it is not itchy. I could hardly go a week without washing my scalp in the past. I will do a full review of the products once the bottles are empty...that wont be long as more than half the bottle of the anti-itch is gone already.....hehehhehehhe. 

Is my hair growing? Yes it is as I feel new growth. I still apply T444Z Hair Food once a week. It is hard to have access to the front parts of my hair as the weave is across the cornrows but I still do my best to get a little where I can. It is easy to apply and massage in the back area of my head. I'm not happy I didn't complete inversion this month and will do it as soon as I get these weaves out. I'm not sure now when I will take these out because it's just sweet to rest a bit from all the washing and deep conditioning and airdrying and styling and everything else. I miss my hair routine but I just got so busy with school .....I'm in class almost every evening now. I just hope this anti-itch is moisturising enough and my hair wont dry out. I really should find time to wash and condition soon. 

Anything new? YES!

There is an ongoing edges and hairline challenge on my on my facebook page and the rule is to use either coconut oil or castor oil on your edges 3 times a week. Only one of the oils. The challenge started this Sunday and will end in December. I will use castor oil. If you have issues with your edges, you can join in the challenge. Both oils are growth aids. Just take starting photos and post to my facebook page wall or whatsapp to +233201979795. Let's regrow our edges! 

How is your hair doing? 


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