Friday, 3 October 2014

Giveaway Ongoing and I got Manetabolism!!

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all doing great. I'm currently hosting the post meetup giveaway as promised on my facebook page. I had challenges with filming the video for my Youtube channel

The link to my page is These lovely goodies below are up for grabs!! 

facebook giveaway

The giveaway is sponsored by UrbanMakes online store and ends on the 15th of October, 2014. 

manetabolism hair vitamins

In other news...very exciting....I got my supply of Manetabolism Hair Vitamins yesterday and started with them right away! I looooooooove Groganics Vitamins...they gave me so much growth within the 3 months I took them...even though I took one a day instead of 2 but I run out of those and I had a friend in the US who helped me get Manetabolism to use in the meantime. Besides, the PJ in me just has to try it out! I would take 2 a day without fail for the first month and see if I really get an inch. In future, once Groganics is available, I will buy enough to take 2 a day and then compare results. Want to see which vitamins my body responds better to. I am determined to come up with a list of staple products by the end of the year so that I stop buying everything with a good 

My weave would be 4 weeks old tomorrow and I have a lot of growth for hair I kind of left alone. I bet I have almost an inch of growth! I just applied T444Z weekly, D&L Braids and Weaves Anti Itch daily, took one Groganics pill a day, washed twice with Groganics Deep Freeze shampoo and conditioner. I am so happy my hair is "growing" again. I was stuck at the same length for too long and looking forward to more growth with these Manetabolism pills. I also need to do a length check as I snipped off some ends before installing the weave. 

What are your favourite hair vitamins? 


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  1. Biotin, garlic pills and MSM are my personal favorites but all in one multis are great too!


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