Friday, 17 October 2014

My Lime and Honey Facial Regimen

When it comes to acne and pimples, I've always been prone. I honestly didn't really mind until when I started looking at my pictures from my November 2012 when I started blogging. Then I realised it was getting worse as I had the dark acne spots increasing over time and getting more pronounced.

In April, I started trying to fade the spots. I read several blogs and checked with cosmetics shops. Black soap seemed popular in the blogging world. And honey and lime too. But I only tried black soap, and some other soaps and treatments (facial peels, lotions, scrubs) I got from shops. It started before I started taking women's and hair vitamins so I wouldn't blame it on those.

lime and honey facial scrub
Before lime and honey regimen.

Then I decided to try the honey and lime facial scrub finally when I met a cousin who had always had bad, bad, acne issues and her face was almost clear. I asked the secret and she said, "Honey and Lime". That was the last push I needed and I jumped right on board.

lime and honey facial scrub
2 months after using regimen daily.
I bought pure honey from Honey Lane Limited, because I wanted 100% pure honey and got some lime from the market.

My Regimen: I use a small bowl into which I squeeze the juice and mix with honey. I usually make just enough for 2 applications, morning and evening as I prefer it fresh. If there is any leftover, I keep it in the fridge. I wash my face and blot it dry with a face towel. I then apply my lime and honey mixture and leave it on my face till it's time to shower. I wash it off with facial soap. I do the same in the evening. Once in a while, when my face feels dry, I add castor oil and grapeseed oil to the mix.

I must say I am so delighted I finally tried it and after just 2 months, my spots have faded considerably. I still have a few tough ones and the occassional breakouts, but I'm sticking to this simple facial regimen for a long, long while.

What's your facial regimen?



  1. wow, that is quite a dramatic difference. I'm going to try this, and tell my niece about it too. thank you.

  2. Hello Stella,
    Good job! Sometimes all that is needed is a consistent facial care regimen. I wanted to ask if you are using any serum or treatment specifically for the acne, if not then i will suggest you add one into the routine.

    1. Thanks dear...I am not using any serum specifically for acne. Maybe I should get one.

  3. I use the same regimen too. It works well for me, but I use lime.


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