Friday, 24 October 2014

Wash Day: ORS Mayonnaise Egg Recipe Mix

I had been whining over the past week after I took my weave out and washed; about how my hair didn't feel and look right. It would break at the least "don't touch my hair" kind of attitude to me too? Hey hair, I own you ooooooooo. My shedding had gone a notch up again and it was like I was pulling strands out of my scalp just by touching the hair. I used Groganics shampoo and conditioner my last wash day and so I was surprised, but then again, I had not been using it for the past 4 weeks so I couldn't blame it on those. 

weave removal and detanglingThen I thought it was heat damage, from the last flatiron in August. But a heat protectant was used and though the hairdresser wasn't so gentle; yeah I saw a gazillion hairs (my hairy-greedy eye) on the floor when she was done blowdrying and flatironing, but it wasn't a head full of hair on that floor. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.....think some more.

Then it hit me. "It is moisture overload"!! I hadn't done a hard protein treatment in 6 weeks. Mercy me!! I literally run out of my room screaming at my sister to get  me some eggs NOW NOW NOW! The drama that goes on around my hair at home....hilarious!! I rushed into the shower and washed my hair with ORS Aloe Shampoo. Yes, it was best to clarify. Once I was done washing, I wrapped my hair in my old T-shirt. 

I then poured some ORS mayonnaise, edible mayonnaise, honey, castor oil, olive oil and coconut oil into the egg my sister had beaten up for me. I was so in a hurry to repair my hair that I just mixed it all up fast fast fast with the tail of my hair brush. I couldn't find the plastic spoon I usually use and I was in no mood to hunt it down. I oiled my scalp with my roots only applicator bottle....that's priceless....and massaged for a few minutes. I then parted my hair into sections and applied my mixture to the roots and then to the ends. I made sure I made enough and applied thickly all over. Every strand was covered for sure. I then covered with 2 plastic bags and wrapped my hair with my towel turban style. 

finger detangling
Detangling in sections.
I left it in for 30 minutes and rinsed it all off. As expected, my hair was hard. VO5 Moisture milks and Roux Porosity control conditioner to the rescue. I used the Roux first, followed by VO5. Super!! My hair felt soft but not limp. I wrapped my hair up till the water was all soaked up and then I sprayed in my CON Argan oil leave-in. I then applied Aphogee Pro-Vitamin leave-in and then turned on my standing fan to hasten the drying process as it was late.

Once my hair was almost dry, I finger detangled as the air blew my hair. When I was comfortable enough, I applied Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 Moisturiser to my hair concentrating it on the texlaxed parts which tangle most. I then detangled with my wide tooth comb from ends to roots in small sections....stopping and using my fingers whenever the comb got stuck. I lost so little hair during the detangling process I had to find some hairs on the floor to pick up. My comb didn't contain any hairs at all with some sections. Completely amazing!

airdrying and detangling
I then moisturised again and sealed with coconut oil, wrapped my hair up and tied down with my good old scarf.

I styled it loosely this morning but then again, hair-sense knocked and I grabbed some bobby pins to tuck it all away.

protective styles
protective styles
I was so pleased I'm sure I smiled all through my sleep and I'm beaming this morning so much you could fry eggs on my face ....hahaahaha. Thank God my hair is OK. 

Have you suffered moisture-overload? What corrects it for you? 



  1. it incredible how far your hair has grown Stella, am happy for you. Indeed hard works pays. A few days back you were crying over this hair, complaining that something has gone wrong. but now see it gorgeous. Keep on going lady, waist length here we come =D =D =D

  2. Hhahhahahaha..yes oooo! Waist length papapaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  3. Hahaha this post was so dramatic and tantalizing! Glad you managed to get your hair back to normal with the protein treatment. I love how full and thick your hair is getting.


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