Thursday, 6 December 2012

1 inch in a month? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

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Using a 1 inch wide paper, got an inch in front and in the back of my head, and almost an inch at my crown!!

A quick review of my progress from 5th November to today 6th December. I've been co-washing twice a week, doing the green house effect at least thrice a week, applying t444z to my edges everyday and to my scalp once a week after a co-wash, and spraying my hair with my mixture of water and moisturizer everyday. I am 12 weeks post so ideally, I should have about 1.5 inches of new growth, but am I measuring 1 inch of new growth beneath my braid extensions? I will do a proper new growth length check tomorrow after I take down my braids hopefully!! It's Election Day and I hope I finish casting my vote in good time because I have dedicated 3 hours to undoing my braids.....yesssssss.....3 good hours!! Hehehhehehheheh!! I will apply a lot of conditioner mixed with coconut oil and cover my head with a shower cap for one hour before I begin the process!! Wish me luck!! Happy Election Day!!


  1. Hi I just stumbles upon your website a hour ago. An inch in one month!Wow! So how much has your hair grown while using T444z?

    1. So much....from neck length, I'm almost armpit length in almost a year. Check my current length


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