Friday, 20 September 2013

6 Months Post Relaxer Day: Update #2

My joy knows no bounds!! I'm extremely grateful to the good Lord for giving me good hair....Yes, Good!! Though I am experiencing post-partum shedding, I still retained some length. I used a lot of products that helped but top of that long list are T444Z Hair Food, Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 Miracle Worker, Vitale Mayonnaise.............and Coconut Oil!!

After another successful 6 month stretch, and a relaxer day that went well; here are my progress pixs:

Relaxer Day...used Vitale Life and Body Lye Relaxer!

Those ends......................hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!
Ghanaian Blogger
One can always get away with a!
Ghanaian Blogger
Can't hide my joy!!
One year hair journey
Next day after wrapping my hair ....thanks for all your support. Your subscriptions, comments, likes are what keep me going....xoxo!!

I know that with time and patience, I will reach my goal of Armpit Length by December 2013. I just pray that my post-partum shedding doesn't give me a huge setback. I am going to do tea rinses every week without fail and use T444Z Hair Food more than once a week. Hopefully, that will help. I trimmed off about an inch off each section as I rollerset yesterday evening but the ends were still thin. May have to trim off some more but will wait for a week or two for my hair to recover from the relaxer!!

I'm sure most of you have made a lot of progress too and I would love to share your progress with my readers. Please send a mail to Let's journey on together.

Will I reach my Armpit Length goal by December? 



  1. While that is marvelous! Am very very happy for you. Am actually following you and want to catch up with your length. Thank you for the posts dear.

    1. Thanks dear...and do catch up with me by all means!! We journey on........HHJ!

  2. Congrats! U r soo dedicated and am happy it's going on well. I started my HHJ and it's been going on well too. Today I tried tea rinsing today following ur steps and LOVED it. Thank u!

  3. Hi.

    Great hair story.

    However you do not tell us WHERE you bought Chapter 2000 from so we can also buy from there.




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