Thursday, 26 September 2013

Wash Day: Success!!

My week has been hairmazing!! Yeah, I went shopping .....whooooop whoooop whooooopie!! I'm sure you're gonna scream when you see my stash.....and I need to add I'm not done yet so won't show for now. I'm still trying to get hemp oil and grapeseed oil. 

I continued my wash the next day in this order:

1. Prepooed with Roux Porosity Control Conditioner (Oh My Gosh....where were you already!! *LOVE*)

2. Shampooed with ORS Aloe Shampoo (I love it desperately already).

3.  Deep conditioned with Kuza Cholesterol without heat. (Woooooow, it's a keeper!!)

Kuza cholesterol

4. I trimmed. I did this by sectioning hair as though to rollerset and then I trimmed off the thin ends. Most parts were about 1 inch long. I am yet to do my U-shaped cut and will get it done this Saturday by a stylist I had visited about a year ago to flatiron my roots. I saw how she trimmed off another customer's hair. She did well to trim in very small sections. But she took quite a lot off .....well, the ends were pretty bad........but the end result was really nice.

airdried hair

5. Applied T444Z to scalp, Hawaiian Silky Leave-in and IC Hair Polisher (New New New....Love Love Love) to 80% dry hair.

6. Moisturised with Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 Miracle Worker and sealed with a mix of coconut oil and black castor oil. 
sock bun hairstyle

 7. Styled my hair into a sock bun. 

I'm very, very happy about all the new products I have bought. My hair hasn't rejected anything so far and I will review all products after using it for at least 3 months.

I have that good feeling about my hair though it is now shorter than armpit length. Then again, that goal is for the year and I still have 3 months more to get there. Oh, and see the colour now and how shiny it is!! Going to henna more starting this weekend. 

My hair is shedding pretty bad but I'm not too worried about it. Life goes on....and my hair will grow back. I will continue to tea rinse, massage my scalp with black castor oil, apply t444z 2-3 times a week now, and take my prenatal vitamins more religiously. I am still taking Pregnacare Plus...with Omega 3.

Are you taking any vitamins or food supplements for hair growth?



  1. Replies
    1. I'm soooooooooooooo happy I love it too!! Would have been hard to give it!!

  2. Beautiful Stella, where can i get the Haiwan silky 14 in 1 miracle worker?

    1. In shops in the market but it's very scarce these days ......because it has been discontinued!! I now stock some for those who can't find it anywhere. Chances are that very soon it would not be available. Such a great product!! Call or whatsapp 020 1979795 for details.

  3. Beautiful hair. Cant wait to see ur where did u get the kuza? Pardon me ..... but will be "worrying" you and Emprezz for a while regarding good products for my fine hair. Waiting for Emprezz's consignment then I will get myself the biotin

    1. Got the Kuza from a shop in Ashaiman market....hahhahahhahahhaha, don't worry cos we love it when you worry us!!

  4. You are making progress.


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