Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Marathon Wash Day!

So, I just thought these pictures should do all the talking today.......

detangling after braid removal
Top bundle of hair after detangling right after weave, second ball after wash and rollerset.

 Thought I lost a lot of hair this time...too much though I detangled as carefully and patiently as I could. Maybe post-partum hair loss issues coming up now..........

wash and deep condition
This was the hardest wash day I've experienced in a year!!

My hair matted real bad after I began washing it.....really, really bad!! Had to keep detangling all through wash process, even while rollersetting. It was so bad my sister had to help though she was quite scared of the puffed up new growth in the beginning.

Thank God I ended up with any hair on my head at all...believe me, I was totally scared but didn't cry this time because I knew African Hair Grows Long.......the main challenge is Length Retention and nothing!!

Any advice to a new mama struggling with hair loss issues?



  1. I had one of these awful wash days back in May and it was due to single strand knots. Your post partum shedding may have started and you can try BTR to help.

    1. Sob sob sob.....i hope the BTR would really help. Skipped it this day though I had brewed it already cos my hair was already so stiff....

  2. would have helped if you had braided the hair and washed in sections..great progress

    1. Yeah....was too late by the time I remembered. *sob*


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