Monday, 16 September 2013

Weave Take Down!

Finally, I took out the curly weave after 7 weeks!! (Horrifying.....I don't keep weaves in for that long). I honestly didn't realise how much time had passed since wearing the weave as most of the weekends were full of activities for me. I totally lost track of how many weeks had passed. 

As soon as I took out the weave, I got to detangling it with VO5 Moisture Milks and coconut oil that I had purchased that day, last Saturday. I was kinda amazed that there were very few tough knots to deal with as I detangled quite easily. So I just grabbed a big tooth comb and combed each detangled section out. I was sure I had detangled completely.

My sister advised me to prepoo (eyaaaaaa, she's becoming overly obsessed with everything overnight but I was feeling too tired to have to wait the next day to wash so I just prepooed for about an hour and then proceeded:

1. Shampoo washed with Odeon shampoo infused with onions.
2. Deep conditioned with Vitale Mayonnaise mixed with black castor oil made in Ghana which I call, Ghanaian Black Castor Oil (GBCO). You can't blame!! My hair totally loved this.

3. Followed with Kuza Indian Hemp Cholesterol (new addition, first use). The directions didn't say to sit under the dryer so I was confused a little. But I covered with a plastic bag, went under the dryer anyway for 10 minutes because I wanted my new growth to get as soft as possible. 

My hair did not feel any softer than it was after I got out of the dryer. I realised that my hair had become very stiff and was matted. Yikeeeeeeeeeeeees!! I had just used the last bit of my Vitale Mayonnaise and I was totally freaked out.

What next? Crossroads..........................................!!

4. I decided to put in some Vitale Corrective Conditioner (new addition, first use) after reading the promises and hoping it will help somehow, covered with a plastic bag, sat under the dryer for 5 minutes and then rinsed out. It felt softer than before and I was relieved, but my hair had matted so bad.

Then I remembered watching and reading hair journey bloggers and vloggers talking about washing their hair in twisted sections!! My goodness...I should probably have washed my hair in sections!!

Coming up next: Weave Take Down continued.......stay tuned.

Has your hair ever ended up getting matted during a wash?



  1. Hi, ive been following you for quite some time and i love what you are doing. I think i know the reason for your hair becoming hard after using the indian hemp cholesterol. The hair mayonnaise is a strong to medium protein treatment as is cholesterol. So following one protein treatment with another must have given you protein overload, hence the hard hair! Good thing you corrected it with the conditioner (moisture). Looking forward to your next relaxer day, can't wait to see your progress!

    1. Oh, my bad......!! Thought it was a moisturising deep!! Thanks for the info...will use it as protein next time and follow with a moisturising conditioner.

  2. i bought the hair food a month ago, my scalp itches like crazy, how long will it take for my scalp to heal

    1. I believe you are talking about T444Z Hair Food? I don't experience any itch when I use it.....a few have tingling sensations. If it itches that bad, I advise you discontinue use to see if the itch you may be allergic to some ingredient in it.


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