Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Hair Update: 12 Weeks Post

I know it's been a while. Have been a little busy with work. 

Altogether, I am happy I have stretched my relaxer this far but I am just keeping my fingers crossed and waiting eagerly for relaxer day. I have 2 inches of new growth; judging with my eyes, which is 16 weeks worth of new growth. I am 12 weeks post. I used to be able to stretch 6 months at a time but my new growth is coming up much more thicker and stronger than ever before. It's completely amazing I can't be annoyed though detangling is not an easy task! 

I haven't posted any hair pixs lately because there is pretty much nothing new. Tis just same old hair in large braids or threaded up in 3 or 4 sections hiding under my wigs. I am loving the wig regimen so much as it affords me the much needed happy-go-lucky hhj! 

No stress after wash day with styling issues. I just detangle and airdry, moisturise and seal and plait it again.

No stress after green house effect; wet or dry, I just slap on my wig cap and wig and off I go.

No stress when it's time to attending a special occassion. My good old wig is what I wear to the function.

No need to detangle with a comb everyday. My fingers do it all. That should save me a lot of breakage. 

No need to lose sleep preparing my hair for the next day. 

No stress with hair whether it is silky smooth or not. 

No need for heat whatsover. 

No need to wrap at night.

No need, no need, no need.................pretty much for anything complicated. 

Wigs make my life so simple it's amazing!! 

For now, that's my boring regimen. It's just me and some good old wigs!

Have you ever tried a wig regimen? 



  1. So true! I'm 22 weeks post relaxer thanks to my wig lol ! Seriously it's so easy and quick! I have cornrows under my wig and i wash, deep condition without undoing them to avoid tangles and breakage. However i redo them every 2 weeks and i feel like i can stretch forever :) But no i'll relax my hair next month :D
    I used to be a big fan of weaves but that was before lol
    Thanks for sharing girl ! Stay blessed!

    1. Thanks for sharing too! Truly, wearing wigs just fits into my lifestyle right now.......If all goes well, I may just stretch much longer than intended. It really is so easy with wigs. I can even dc while out at work or in!

  2. hi im Dinah was just checking the internet to see if there are any ghanaian hair bloggers and i came upon this blog. i was stretching my relaxers with a lace wig but now i have decided to transition to natural. My hair is currently mid back length. Wigs makes it easier to stretch relaxers because dealing with two textures isn't that easy.

    1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! Great to know I'm coming up in the search! Mid back length..........wooooooooooooow!! You are gonna cut it all off sometime.... :( :( . But it's great though that you decided to go natural. You got my support!

  3. I like the straight wig better on you, the curly one ages you a bit if you don't mind me saying so.

    1. Of course your observation is totally welcome....hehehhehe...that's what I get for wearing an afro from the 60'!


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