Thursday, 27 February 2014

Post Texlax Update

Hello lovelies!!
Thank you all for supporting me on this hair journey of mine. You gave me the zeal to stay on this journey though there were times I felt like giving up. Your visits to this page mean a lot to me. God richly bless you. 

I should have washed my hair 3 days after relaxer day but shame on me, I got too busy to do it so I will wash tonight after work. I just can't wait to share my post texlax results with you. Been itching to for days now. I posted updates on my Facebook Page though. I just looooooove how much texture I have in my hair. It's extremely amazing how loose the coils got but without making my hair bone straight!! Feels like I used a texuriser or a kiddie perm. So that's it. It looks almost like new growth.

texlaxed hair

I found my hair needs just about 12 mins of the relaxer cream to loosen up but not get anywhere near bone straight. So from now on, my texlaxing process is going to be 10-12 minutes from start to finish!

I have about 4 inches of texlaxed hair now but I find it very easy to comb. Somehow, the knots and tangles simply disappeared. My hair was just screaming for a! I'm so happy my texlax results were great and I feel really awesome about it.


I feel so good that somehow, some creativity in me sudden surfaced and I am really digging the protective styles I seem to come up with everyday. I massage T444Z onto my scalp at most 2 times a week. I moisturise and seal twice a day using ORS moisturiser on my ends and Hawaiian Silky on my roots. I seal with Wonder 8 oil and Ghanaian black castor oil. I use Cantu sheabutter or CON Argan oil leave-in when my hair feels dry before applying the moisturisers. 

My hair looks really lovely and feels good to touch. I've been asked 4 times this week "Is that your real hair"?. should see my face light up and feel my joy when I say a proud "YES"! I'm loving the compliments I get......and loving my colleagues and friends getting more and more curious about what I am doing to grow my hair. I'm honestly happy with my length and thickness now. 

Though my hair is not that long, it is the longest MY hair has ever been so to me, it is AWESOME. I'm just going to enjoy my journey to bra strap length as I intend to make it as stress-free and fret-free as possible. No more extremely long stretches..........12-16 weeks maximum. I will do a henna treatment this weekend. Dunno how I will squeeze it into my schedule but we'll see. Wish me luck.

What are your thoughts on texlaxing?



  1. Texlaxing is fine as long as some naturals don't do it and still call themselves naturals.

    1. me why some don't just tell the truth. I hope I still find it manageable and tangle-free in the future. Tangles really frustrate me......!

  2. I think its a great way to achieve thicker hair for us light hair girls. I recently have some under process hair but i actually love it and don't want a corrective relaer

  3. I've gotten my hair tex-laxed once 3-4 years ago. It didn't do much to my texture and after much thought I figured the results weren't worth putting harmful chemicals onto my body. I don't plan to have any chemicals in my hair for the next 10-15 years. I am challenging myself...I used to color a lot but since my hair is now loc's it becomes troublesome to do so and again unnecessary chemical exposure. I know there are natural solutions to color...but I can learn to live and just be me.


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