Thursday, 20 February 2014

Wash Day: 13 Weeks Post

I decided to make my wash day as simple as possible as I was pretty tired. I had kept my hair in 3 large braids under my wig all week so I knew I would deal with tangles.

1. I detangled all sections carefully with my fingers. I then combed gently with my wide tooth comb.

2. I applied Wonder 8 Oil and coconut oil to my hair from roots to tips, covered with a shower cap and sat under the dryer for 30 minutes.

3. Shampooed with my onion infused Creme of Nature Detangling and Conditioning shampoo.

4. T-shirt dried hair and applied Vitale Mayonnaise, covered and sat under the dryer for 15 minutes.

5. Rinsed out and did a black tea rinse. Left in hair for 3 minutes and washed out with VO5 Moisture Milks.

6. Wrapped hair with T-shirt to soak up water.

african relaxed hair blogs

7. Airdried hair, sectioned and detangled with my fingers after spraying in Creme of Nature Argan Oil moisture and shine leave in treatment.

8. Combed and threaded up into 4 sections as my style for the week.

                                      african relaxed hair blogs

Though I am enjoying my stretch,which has been quite easy, I have a great longing to enjoy my hair just a little bit. I am quite pleased with having a 13 week stretch and I will texlax on either Saturday or Sunday. I will self-texlax and I will make sure I protect my ends and apply on new growth only. For this reason, I really do not see the need to stretch further as I have between 1.5-2 inches of new growth. 

Wish me luck....and keep tuned to my next relaxer update. 

At how many weeks post do you feel like giving up on your stretch? 


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  1. Hi im a newbie to healthy hair journey, and im gratefull that i came across your blog, via Good Hair Diaries. im relaxed and considering texlaxing, currently at 21 weeks post relaxer..will hopefully be doing my touch up on the 1st friday of March 2014, friday because its my normal wash day.


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