Monday, 24 February 2014

Relaxer Update #4

relaxer day update

I ended my relaxer stretch on Saturday at 14 weeks post. I decided to texlax my roots myself again and I was determined to leave a lot more texture in this time. My relaxer day...or texlaxer day went just the way I wanted it. I used my good old relaxer day arsenal. I trust these products to give me just the results I want.

relaxed african hair

I detangled thoroughly and parted my hair into 3 sections. 2 in front and 1 at the back.

I applied petroleum jelly all over my scalp, ears and edges thickly. I then applied Hemp oil and Roux Porosity Control Conditioner on my hair, avoiding the new growth.

relaxed ghanaian hair blogger
I applied the Vitale lye relaxer quickly. I decided to process the new growth less in order to have more texture. I combed through a few times with my wide tooth comb to ensure the relaxer cream was evenly distributed. I worked really fast and parted with my fingers so it was hard to get the relaxer well distributed. I rinsed it out as 2 minutes after I combed it through. The process took a total of 11 minutes; application and processing time.

relaxed hair blogger

I then applied the Vitale mid step protein treatment and then neutralised with ORS Aloe shampoo afterwards.

I applied Roux conditioner for 2 minutes and rinsed. 

I applied the Vitale corrective conditioner and left it in for 10 minutes. 

armpit length relaxed hair
texlaxed armpit length hair

I T-shirt dried and applied my leave-ins. I used Infusium 23 and Creme of Nature Argan oil leave in. I airdried about 50% and then set my hair in rollers. I used about 8 rollers in all....was tired and not really up to the task of making small parts. I sat under the dryer for a 15 minutes but my hair still felt damp so I decided to just allow the air to dry it up.

Once dry, I realised that my hair was processed just a tiny bit....hehehhehehhehehhe...but it is loosely curled so at least I can comb through easily. So like I suspected, there was not much change in the overall length of hair also considering that I didn't blowdry or flatiron to get my hair straight. For me, I love the freedom from struggling with the coils and knots. Now I can go to the salon and get braids whenever I want and be sure half my hair won't be yanked out by the time I'm done. My overall objective for ending my stretch was totally met. 

I'm happy that despite the extreme breakage and shedding I am experiencing, my ends are pretty cool. I will therefore not trim though I had planned to. I am working seriously on thickening my hair and will do a henna treatment at the weekend. I have also decided to do only 2 official length checks this year; in July and in December. Until then, no direct heat on my hair for any reason whatsoever. 

Health first, the length will follow....that's my mantra for 2014.

Have you considered texlaxing? 



  1. Wow, 11 mins for total processing is commendable. I need to bring down my time. Great results!

  2. What a wonderful journey! Nerline @ #NewFollower

  3. Congrats on a smooth easy relaxer day!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands


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